Worst Service Ever - My Honest Feedback


Hello Revolut,

I am sending this email after beeing really unsatisfied with your service, to be honest it was the WORSE ONLINE EXPERIENCE I ever had. I have been for months saving money to invest online, when I had the quantity that was enough, note that is lots of money for me about 90% of all my money (2000€), I decided to get it in Revolut because my bank doesn’t provide me a VISA card for online purchases.

I waited about 3 or 4 days just for the money to come in my Revolut account. But that’s fine, it’s an international transfer. After this I finally could make my purchases online, so I went to the Nord VPN website and purchased it as I wanted a new VPN service. As soon as I started using it, I tried to make another payment, this time to PayPal. My account got suspended.

So I go the chat app and need to wait about 48 hours to get any help. The support team takes out my suspension. I though I could finally use my money, which I really wanted to use and was waiting for months for this moment, which your team only delayed. All seems fine but when I try to buy something in a really popular website, guess what?! All my funds are blocked and no assistant ever warned me about this.

What’s the problem? ID verification, which I did and you accepted earlier when I registered, is not my fault that your system is bad and faulty, as my C.C was a little torn but it’s legit and it provides the right information. I have lost all of my documents C.C, drivers license, my bank debit card, everything was inside my wallet after a motorcycle accident.

So I have been for more 2 days waiting to get answered, I gather every piece of information I got, I even found a photo of my last ID that I lost before this one and sent to you, told you what was different in the active one (it’s only one letter Z to Y), the PDF from the bank showing the 2000€ transfer, everything. I explained to your staff what was happening, and that I only can have my documents in about 15 - 30 days, because in Portugal the government services are really bad and slow, to be honest, just like your service.

The employee that attended me made me feel like my funds were unblocked when he said “could you kindly provide me your new ID when you get it?” and got my account out of suspension. Another knife to my heart.

So I was getting really nervous, I got almost all of my money blocked and your support team act as a robot, they don’t show any feelings or being worried with my situation, so I decided like ok, they suspended my account can cancel all my payments, let’s make a payment to Revolut (let’s buy premium) this way I can see if they are honest and even if they aren’t the support should be faster.

The support wasn’t faster or you can’t notice it, because you never know if it will be 48 hours, 12 hours, or the 6 hours you got in your robot automatic response.

So you block all my transfers, but yet you let me transfer money to you? I felt this was a really bad joke, I am feeling really bad as a customer and I feel powerless, because you have all my money, you seem to don’t care about the customer’s feedback, you don’t even have a platform where I can publicly complaint and get heard and seen, not only by your support team but by other users and possible customers.

I had urgent transfers to make, and I am in personal and business life problems because of your service. Nobody tried to really help me, and they made me believe that being 3 hours to take the temporary paper just to show it as fast as possible to your team would help. I gave all information I have about myself, I would do everything possible in my reach to confirm my identity as fast as possible and solve this issue.

Mad with this issue, and I asked for my funds to get reverted as I couldn’t access them and I really need my money. Support says it will take about 15 days (maybe more time than my new ID arriving), this again felt like a really bad joke. I told the team then to keep the money in the Revolut account, which they didn’t, as it appears that the transaction was already made.

I asked for my premium account money to be restored and reverted as well, they didn’t yet. What about the profits I didn’t make this week because I got my money stuck in your system? What about you paying the price for these mistakes? I am the only one affected here, and nobody in the support team seems to care. Is that hard to verify a person? Want me to fly there and present me in person?

All this situation makes me sick, and I never got so nervous about an online service. All your team is saying me is that they are going to pass me to “the relevant team better suited to help with your case”, and then they only talk with me, not helping at all, and even making the situation worse, as it is the case when they reverted it.

If this is for security measures, like blocking my transfers, then why I can transfer money to revolut to buy premium? Or why can I ask to revert a transfer. How can you be sure that I am really me and I am not stealing the person that owns the account?

I don’t know how to make this faster, now is going to be even slower, as you reverted my funds and I will most probably use another service. I really want to get heard, responded, politely and by someone that cares about DELIVERING A GOOD SERVICE. About reputation. Honor. Manners.

I am really disappointed with your service and I would do everything in my reach to stop you from making these things with your customer’s money. The first thing I saw when I went to Facebook to send a private message to see If I could get my issue checked faster, was lots of complaints about money that wasn’t yet transferred back to their owner accounts, when your payment processor failed.

You don’t even have this “Formal Complaints” email publicly available, or any other email, the only way to contact you is via the chat app where the customer support is really bad, and probably we never reach the “relevant team better suited to help with your case”.

Please do something about this.

Best regards,
Joaquim Duarte.

Lisbon, 5th of June, 2018.

it's never seen! My account blocked and money blocked

Hi @s7r1d3r,
I understand that you are angry but let tell you one thing: If you’re going to the airport without a proper ID but you show a photo of an older one but a different is on it… I guess you’ll not be on the flight.
In addition you say your first purchase (with an Account you got with a torn ID) was a VPN service?! VPN does 1 thing: protect your ID from others. Does that together with the torn ID and the photo of an older one with a different name on it ring a bell?

Get a propper ID.

Sorry, but to be honest: TL;DR. I quit after some paragraphs but this story is sure worth following. Good luck.


I am a programmer and I always used VPN, they can even block advertising. So a torn ID, the ID before that (people know that when you ask for a new ID it gets one different letter imagine 92424842 9 ZZ8, will be 92424842 9 ZY8 when you ask for a new ID because you lost it or it was stolen. Anyways, they also asked for the temporary paper that I should use as ID and all that information was useless?

And if it’s by security measures that they blocked my funds, why I was able to revert my 2000€ transaction if I haven’t my ID verified? I could be a hacker refunding my account after a purchase, if you want to get that paranoid @Laurenz_L . Here the problem is good people getting their money stuck without any warning or anything, if my ID was torn they shouldn’t even let me top up my account with such quantity. Like they are probably obliged to investigate a fraud when a new user reaches X amount of money topped up or transferred.

Whatever. If that was the problem, or “security measures” or whatever, they should have never take out the suspension maybe, or at least not let me purchase the premium as they didn’t allow any money tranfer by me, why they allow when it’s to their own pocket? Right?

I just wanted to make some purchases and enjoy the service, and I was in a hurry to use the money, and now I am just patiently wait for at least a polite good answer and maybe change that little “bug” that allows to buy premium but not a premium service from another company.


I’m not sure why you need a Revolut account to make online purchases. Any Portuguese bank will give you a Visa or Mastercard debit card and if you specifically need Visa, just open an ActivoBank account which is totally free and gives you a Visa.

Not to mention with MBWAY you can generate unlimited virtual cards for free for use in online purchases


So, in summary, your account was locked because you do not have proper ID documents to validate your identity?

Sorry but the issue is not on :r: side…


Having been on the receiving end of :r: lack of customer service this week I sympathize and wish you well in resolving your issues.


This startup is a joke. They have a bug every 2 weeks. Support is crap and yet they have 4.8 with 90 000 reviews on Google Play Store. How possible?

They rob me 4€ fee because they system thought my card was US. Have to send papers from my bank which I can’t get. Last Saturday, they got the card bug which blocked money for lot of people for few days. I mean wtf. I used N26 for one year, never got any issue, support great, in 10mn, by phone or mail, in my own language.
Seem only good to for exchanging money. Otherwise it’s too dangerous to use their services as daily banking.

I’m happy I didn’t recommend to anybody, what a shame would have been. I still got fucked 4€ but that’s my lesson trusting them…


Honestly the part that makes more sense is the VPN part. A lot of VPNs have ad blocking and I personally use multiple VPNs as I do some work in scientific research and there’s a lot of software that is licenced by entities I’m working with and is geoblocked to said entities headquarter localiton and the licensing agreement itself stipulates individuals working outside the building might access through vpn

As a programmer it’s pretty usual to use a VPN to see how your app, website, whatever you’re developing shows up in different locations. As an example Google Pay is not available in Portugal so if you’re integrating Google Pay into an app, you need a VPN to test it. Google themselves recommend using a VPN.

Another example is that there’s an ISP in Portugal notorious for throttling anything that is a download pretty much to a halt, which is illegal but they do it anyway. So by using a VPN they can’t identify the traffic as a download as it’s encrypted, so they don’t throttle it and instead of downloading at 20mbit you download at the actual download speed you pay for, which is at least 120mbit

So, there’s nothing inherently shady about using a VPN and even if there was, it’s not illegal to use a VPN.


MB Way is the best service ever, I would never register in Revolut if my bank, it’s an investment bank, www.big.pt , allowed me to make virtual cards. But that service is not yet available. I already made the suggestion for them to allow their clients to make virtual cards, and they are already working at it.


That is not true Mirron, as they verified and then unverified me as soon as I started making transactions. It’s not my fault that my money got blocked. And I have every single document I could get while I await for my new ID to get printed, but of course it’s easy to don’t feel empathy when the problem is not yours. As we say in portugal “It’s shit in it’s other people’s shits”.

I got all temporary documents and everything I can get, and they even have the photo of my 2 previous ID’s ahahah Anyone with that information can verify that’s really me. When you call your bank by phone to get assistance, tell me, what information they ask for to make sure it’s you? :slight_smile:

And if my ID wasn’t verified why I couldn’t make transfers, only to the Revolut team? You don’t seem to get all the problems. This is not only about not being able to make payments, it’s about the bad support and the injustice of being able to only make payments to their team.


Thank you sir to clarify the VPN issue, @megamaster .


I do understand your issue and your problem, really :slight_smile:

But you can’t open an account without a proper ID document in real/classic bank too and you can’t make a transfer or use the money by phone without proper identification.

You do not have original proper ID document, only temporary documents or copies of previous documents that can be easely altered. It’s frustrating, I know, but you are unable to prove your identity, therefore it’s normal you can not freely use the money on the account.


But the VPN part is completely unrelated.

And please allow me to comment on the VPN part exclusively

If the goal is ad blocking a classic adblocker is a better choice than forcibly routing your traffic through some third party network.

Thats hardly a reason. The cases where you actually need to check whether the IP check works are very rare.

Cant comment on their platform in detail, but I dont believe it will be only the IP address they check. But yes, if there is an IP specific check, there will be - a handful of - cases where temporarily re-routing your traffic might be the only feasible option, but again thats not the common use-case.

If they throttle everything, they will specifically throttle encrypted traffic which they cant recognise. But in this case I’d still argue changing the ISP would be the better option. Putting your money where your mouth is always the better option.

Who said anything remotely connected to shady? I was simply saying the OP made a lot of unrelated comments.