Worst Customer Service Ever


I have literally never had this bad of a customer service experience…it is completely absurd when a customer service agent decides to lock you out of your account in response to you asking a question.

The story goes as following:

On the 29th of March I’d topped up my revolut account via debit card as I usually do. On the 30th revolut app showed that the amount was received but was still pending.

After a long time of waiting, I went on to contact the customer service through the app. First time, was not a great success (I got a response after almost 2 hours in the “chat”) which I ofcourse missed.

Today I gave it another try and finally got a response after 4, yes FOUR hours from an agent named Josep.
I asked him what the issue was, why the top up was being delayed and the only thing he told me was that I had to send a picture of my face and pictures of some documents.

I was flabbergasted and asked for some more details (why is this required), seeing as only 2 months ago I had topped up my Revolut card without any problems or requiring any of these doucuments. I don’t know if these are new requirements but I wasn’t aware of them and I told Josep.

Eventually asked him if I could cancel my account and get the top up + my existing Revolut credit back. He told me yes and that he would escalate it to the relevant team.
I asked him how long this refund would take, he said it could take potentially weeks.

When I asked if I could talk to the “relevant team” first he told me they were not there. So I asked him to put the cancellation of my account on hold for now. As I would prefer to talk to them first and confirm some things.

After this I asked him if there was any possibility he could refund the top up (which is pending at the moment and still hasn’t been added to my Revolut credit). No response…

A few minutes later I received a notification that my account was put on lock!

What the ?? Everytime I open the app I get a screen that shows I’m locked out of my account.

I cannot access my account and can’t do anything on this screen. Josep, the wise gentleman seems to have worked his customer service magic on my account.

WOW. I hope an actual Revolut agent can help me with this and get me access to my account back.


Sorry to hear that your experience with :r: is not as smooth as it should be. I’m sure that @AndreasK can have a look into your account and tell you what’s going on. Please send him your phone number associated with your account via PM so he can check that.


well, you did ask for your account to be closed…
what probably happen was that you reach your limit, and required your account to be verified, hence the request for photo id


No fernando my account is put on lock, not cancelled, as you can read in the original post I said

And @C0ldwater, yes thank you I’ve already contacted @AndreasK , let’s see what happens.