Worst Costumer service!


This is the worst of the worst costumer service ever! You realised that i need to make a transfer to buy food!! And you guys just even care like we have all the time of world to wait for you. I wait 2 hours to get answer with no solution, then another person talk to me… leave 2 message and he leave me hanging there without any solution because their system refuse to verify my account with my bank card and now i have to wait 5 hours to see if they contact me… but no worries ill be starving by then useless company… so quick charging you for a debit card… and making transfers… but to solved problems they are just useless


Hi @Miloosj. That sounds very inconvenient.
Please don’t blame support. They are just trying to do their job.

Sorry to say it like this, but the blame is on you.

There are tons of topics on this community of clients who have problems transferring money to and from Revolut.

This should have rang a bell already…


Well after not 5H they suppose to get in contact with me… they were 8h im still awake waiting for it. 1:15am uk time… a girl answer… to tell me she is going to pass me with the right department and that’s it… im not trying to make a transfer juat to VERIFY my account for that you need a whole day for real? Is a joke? So ill give you tiny example of what this costumer service can produce on long term.
Example: im holidays in thailand for 2 weeks almost at the end of the week i have an issue with my Revolut card and it get blocked, tell me you think i would be able to afford 1 day of nonsense costumer service to wait to see IF they fix the issue straight away or as revolut policy make wait one more day to solve it?

Is not a joke people is trusting on you in the company to make their life “easier” and if they have a issue they dont have to wait a day or weeks to be solved is that simple!