Worst app ever,


I transferred £20 into the app

They decided i don’t need I/D to transfer money in, but i do need it to transfer money OUT to my friends and stuff.

tried to talk to support, they did nothing and all i want is simply my money back.

They TURNED OFF SUPPORT, cant end them any messages, all of it greyed out. I fully stopped the app and restarted it, same thing.

Very very quick to take my money. Hell on earth to give me it back.

I’m taking this up with my bank. cause you guys don’t care at all


Hi there. I’m really sorry to hear that.

Account security is very important to us, and we are entitled to carry out any account reviews we feel are necessary to ensure the safety of our users. In order for us to meet our legal and regulatory obligations, we are required to have policies and procedures in place when administering accounts and making funds available. We are also not obligated to explain our actions or provide details of the reviews that take place.


Thats not actually true… if it were

  1. I wouldn’t have been able to get money in. Tldr

IF you say you are secure then if i am apparently using an ID unverified account that can be created in 2 mins and transfer money in using anyones regular details

  1. I know other people whose accounts are verified and they didnt even send you id.

Nice cop out for faulty staff and equipment


I’m really sorry but this information is on our FAQs & T&C which you’ve accepted when you signed up.


Fakes likes dont get you anywhere and i dont want to use the app. And you theives wont simply give me my money back so i can uninstall it and get on with life


Hey @Potatotibfit :slight_smile:

Any bank or financial entity would require a valid ID from you (more info clicking here).