"Worse than my bank"


I don’t know how the “priority support” works or even the “normal support”, but I raised an issue that Rita wasn’t able to interpret, I re-stated it and then started a long period of “an agent will be with you shortly”. One hour and 30 minutes later it’s still like this.

I think you should:

  1. acknowledge your support requests.
  2. give a hint to users that your support queue is overwhelmed. Better yet, say you’ll contact them later via email, phone, whatever.
  3. I know that in the software world the idea of “on-line support” is like the magical bullet, but for support related to money and cards and insurances you really should go into the big league and hire support specialists that can reply on the phone in a few minutes time. It’s a totally different paradigm than posting a question on stackoverflow.

You have a big minus from me today.



Revolut is not a bank in the traditional sense and does not have a banking licence, so is the comparison as the subject header really fair?

Revolut is a digital banking alternative, with the aim of “building a fair and frictionless platform to use and manage money around the world” by removing hidden fees and offering interbank currency rates. :wink:

Still support is struggling right now, blame the metal ! Try in the earlier hours of the morning for a higher contact success rate !



If the wait time is too long write them on twitter.:smile:



:r: tag line is “better than your bank account” the subject header is very apt.




Yes Revolut are terrible.

If I want support from my bank all I have to do is call a non-geographic number of unclear cost per minute, listen to a couple minutes of recorded blah blah have you read the FAQ on our website which we will now spell out the URL slowly character by character double-eww double-eww double-eww dot, ignore all that, finally press 2 for customer support, get told I should have pressed 1 as 2 is business customer support, listen to the recordings again, this time I can’t press 1 instead I have to say “one”, I’m sorry I didn’t catch that did you say “logout”?, I say “one” again, now I have to say “my voice is my passport”, didn’t work say it again, and almost instantly I am through to a customer service agent! Who doesn’t know why the ATM ate my cash but she can transfer me into the queue for ATM support…