Worse customer service ever!!!


Revolut has the worse customer service I have ever experienced! I’m on holiday and lost my card I payed extra to get it delivered with an express delivery as I had enough money to last me till then, and on the day which my card was meant to be delivered I was informed that I quote “Unfortunately, due to amount of requests sent to our shipment processor, there is a delay in sending out your card” this was the response I got. Then why did I have to pay extra to get it delivered on a specific time frame? I was given a full refund (with difficulty) and payed again for the second time to be delivered again with express delivery and guess what it’s not delivered on time again as a good will gesture they said they will refund me again and send it out free of charge but guess what it’s not delivered on time again. I’m abroad and my cash has run out now as this has been going on for over a week and now I’m in a situation where I don’t have money to buy food! The stress and inconvenience they have put me through is unacceptable. After this experience I don’t recommend anyone to work with them!