Worrying development with revolut - maybe others

I received a text from ‘revolut’ today, telling me my account was locked and I needed to verify. So far so normal.

Except it is far from normal - I use phone number quarantine - my finance phone number is only given to finance institutions. Literally (in the actual sense, not the millennial) nobody else has it. Even my SO doesn’t know it.

So as far as I can surmise, revolut have been hacked. The hackers know your contact details. Be very aware.

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Sounds scary. Can someone from @Revolut comment on this post???

Way too much effort needed for it.
You can easily generate phone numbers, upload to your contacts and have the Revolut app tell you which of them are Revolut users (unless the user disabled that)

I don’t allow that feature

Scammers just send text messages to random phone numbers. So it is very unlikely Revolut is hacked, it is more likely scammers have ‘guessed’ your phone number.
I quite often receive text messages from a ‘bank’ I am not a customer with.

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Verify how? By entering some shady website?

yep. it’s since been taken down

I recieved one today and actually thought it was legit and was half way through then I stopped and thought they were asking for way too much info.

Never send your account info in a text

Be super careful next time before considering putting your infos in. Those forms can record your informations before you hit “send” or something, simply by putting anything into a form field.

If possible, I would consider changing the email address associated with my account and/or the passcode for the app, depending on which informations were compromised.

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Yeah as soon as I releised it was likely a scam i changed my login info

I guess my account was locked today. A credit card payment was denied although I have funds on the account. I get no message from revolut whatsoever. The app opens up the chat, and all other options are blocked. No agent is responding to the chat though. Not even a robot. It now occurs to me that I don’t know of any other ways to contact Revolut than the app “chat”. Any ideas? I’m lost.

Contact your credit card provider and explain that your bank account has been locked temporarily for reasons that you’re not aware of and ask them if they’ll give you a payment holiday until this is fixed

File a complaint with Revolut by sending an email to -> formalcomplaints@revolut.com

I would do the complaining first and then you can provide a screenshot of your complaint to your credit card provider as evidence you’re not taking them for a ride.

There’s not really much else you can do, tbh.

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