World Cup 2018 Discussion Predictions Comments!


We ALL know that World Cup starts tomorrow :grinning: As waiting time for Revolut’s support agents can take longer than expected on some occasions :shushing_face:, I would encourage you to share you predictions, opinions, gossips, etc. to relieve stress caused by mentioned delays :wink:. Tell us something you know that we might not be aware of about upcoming tournament!


I loved you created this topic, this is what a community should look like. Let’s forget about the waiting times for a bit and talk about the World Cup!

Predictions for Russia - Saudi Arabia? I think Russia will win 2-0.

Lopetegui (the worst manager of all time) has just been fired from the national team, so I think Portugal has a great chance of winning the match next Friday.


I will be supporting Portugal on Friday as I have spent a lot of time among Portugese friends and was endlessly surrounded by their daily arguments about the superiority of Benfica over Porto and the other way round as well as stories of the past glory of Sporting! Tons of fun! :rofl: But my feeling is that Spain might win it… Russia must win tomorrow, difficult to see other result, 3:1 for Russia.


It’s impossible to win the world cup, without having a revolut card.
So, I’m with Zlatan Ibrahimović :rofl:


Argentina will win as always.


Not sure if you’re joking but last time they won was in 1986.

Ahah, we have a pretty good team compared to the Euro so I hope we can go far in the competition. I would love to see an underdog like Iceland or South Korea going to the final or semi-final. And hey, everybody knows FC Porto are the best! :joy:


Awesome topic!

Dream Final: Brazil v Argentina - Argentina to win in the 97th minute after having 2 sent off for straight red cards …

Realistic Final: Belgium v Germany - Belgium to win on penalties

Long Shot: England v Australia … England crumble in the 89th minute from the pressure with a win to Australia from a headed corner …

Regardless, if you are going, enjoy Russia, great country and people, if not, enjoy the games regardless.
Cheers and ma all Chelsea players remain uninjured for the Europa League 2018/19!


Precisely my point :slight_smile:


3…2…1…Go! :grinning:


So, I wasn’t expecting Russia to win 5-0! Poor Saudi Arabia!


The result is quite a surprise!:clap: Russia had a run of 7 games without a win before World Cup, the worst record of all 32 teams in the tournament. This will definitely give them a lot of confidence.


Impossible to navigate around the forum today. It is flooded with German tears :sob::sob::sob:


They deserve it. The tears.