Working holiday - Nz bank account loading


So - we are about to embark on our travels back home to Europe. But all our saving are sitting here New Zealand. I figure I can get the card via my home address (Revolut says the card is unavailable in NZ). but I want to know if I can then link that card to my NZ bank account and use it as normal. I post it here because I cannot access revolut support chat. Has anyone had a similar experience?

Cheers for any help.


Hello @Peterforde5,

Thank you for your interest. Our services are available only for legal residents in the EEA. Where are you from?


Andreas K.


You will not be able to load Revolut card in NZD. Your NZ bank will translate at its own rate and apply translation and transaction fees which defeats the whole point of using Revolut for money transfers from NZ to UK. Transferwise is your best bet here - no fee on the first transfer of up to £3k (if you register with a promo code) and 0.7% thereafter, real market rates.

You can then load Revolut card in sterling from your UK bank account and use as normal.

Hope this helps


I think he’s from NZ, so he cannot use Revolut.


My assumption was he would qualify as an EEA resident as he mentioned Europe being his home. Obviously, if he isn’t an EEA resident, this is a no go.


Oops you’re right :slight_smile: Excuse me I missed that.


Hey guys! Thankyou for helping me out! I’m an Irish resident.