Wonderful product, horrible support - wire transfer details to receive money from the US


Hi Guys,

First of all, despite the topic, I’m still a big fan of Revolut and sharing this story because I hope you will improve the quality of the support and to help fellow revoluters :slight_smile:

I’m a freelancer living in the EU, working for a US company. After the first month of using Revolut premium, I decided to migrate from Transferwise to Revolut and wanted to get my salary to the Revolut USD account. I provided all the information to my employer but he said that he is still missing Sort code and the address of the bank.

So I contacted support :slight_smile:

Round 1:

I was told that SORT code is same as BIC code, and I should UK as a region for the bank address and everything will be fine. I thought I got advice from a competent person, so I thanked and said goodbye. (Spoiler: SORT code is nothing to do with the BIC code :smile: )

Then my employer said that the SORT code is not valid and he would need the full address of the bank

I copied all the fields I needed and kindly asked support to provide the requested information.
I was told that there is SWIFT details page for the account (there isn’t for the USD account only for the GBP/EUR ) and there I will find the address of the Bank (the address of the bank is not there only recipient’s (revolut’s address) ). At this point, It becomes clear that people working at support not only have no idea how US wire transfers work but they even clueless that how Revolut app works/ how the UI looks like. I decided to give it one more try and hoped that the next person will be more helpful

I asked the same question again. And pointed that the previous answer won’t solve my problem.
Reply: NO MORE ADDITIONAL DETAILS WILL BE PROVIDED. Which I guess the synonym of fuck off. After that, I gave up for sure and used good old Google to solve my problem. Luckily my old friend never let me down so I got all the details in question which was the following:

Banking Routing Number / International SWIFT: LOYDGB2L


Bank Address Line 1: City Office PO Box 72 Bailey Drive Gillingham Business Park

Bank Address Line 2: -

City: Kent

Province: K4 / Kent

Zip: ME8 0LS

Recipient Account Number: GB06 LOYD 3080 1211 8564 72

Sort Code: 308012

Message to Recipient Bank: YOUR REFERENCE NUMBER HERE

Add Intermediary Bank?

Recipient Name: REVOLUT LTD

Recipient Address Line 1: Revolut LTD, Level39, 1 Canada Square

Recipient Address Line 2

Recipient City: London

Recipient Province: JS / Greater London

Recipient Zip / Postal Code: E14 5AB

Message to Recipient: 74892974



yes. many people having a bad experience with support it seems. Like you, I think it’s a great product but they really need to get to grips with the support issues.


DId that go well, I’m providing just what’s in my account details, but I’m not very confident it will go well either.


I only encountered 1 girl from the support and she really felt like she knows her stuff. Others even lacking language skills not being able to understand the questions. Result of that is obvious.


@monsmas. US companies are a lot more comfortable paying to domestic accounts than to polled SWIFT accounts. transferwise provides you with such domestic account under your name, at the moment revolut doesn’t… but they are working on it.
fortunately you can give transferwise account to your employer and then transfer the USD to revolut yourself for exchanging. the cash arrives next day usually, and the total fee is USD 6.80. at least for me paying that and for revolut’s business account is still cheaper than asking transferwise to do the exchange.

if you plan to use a personal account instead of business account be sure to increase your top up limit first.