Withra from shops


I have seen that there are similar topics, but it might still be a useful discussion

In UK (but maybe also somewhere else) is possible to withdraw cash from shops when buying something.
I imagine that there is some kind of cost also for this kind of operation, but it might be possible to make something similar while paying with Revolut through the app: imagine going to buy a pack of gums or cigarettes. It would be an idea to create a way to pay directly with the app (maybe scanning a barcode or inserting a unique shop reference) to the Revolut account of the shop and having the chance to take some extra bucks.
This would encourage also business to have Revolut (maybe a specific app just to receive payments) and would enable people to withdraw money without a limit

I appreciate that this is something that requires planning and research…but it could open a lot of new opportunities…

Well just an idea…I usually do not need cash!!


i want alsow withdrawal in shop while make purchase. In DiPocket Limited is this option available and totaly free. !!!