Withdrew on sign up date...but charged 2% fee..Why?

Can someone explain why I was charged. I withdrew less than supposed free limit still got charged?

Can you go to:
More> Profile> Plan
and see how much have you withdrawed during a month?

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other options:

  • exchange fee charged by the ATM’s operator
  • international usage fee charged by the ATM’s operator
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Well I made one transaction over £200 about a week ago and was charged for an excess on that one… but should have been able to do another £200 free one on the start up date which I was informed was the 16th which was yesterday. I’m confused as why I got charged.

No Alejandro.

The machine was fee free. Any fees on the atms here are just added to your withdraw amount. The fee is exactly 2% charge and in the same place as the last tiny fee I was charged on a small excess overy the £200

Obviously there appears to be an issue with my sign up date or something?:neutral_face:

What did support say?

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I think it would have been fine if you withdrawed today, 17th. :man_shrugging:t3:


Thanks for your help guys. It’s been resolved in chat. It was related to the actual time I signed up. I’ve now been made aware I should withdraw after the time I signed up…not just the date.