Withdrawn more money than the top-up I did


I did 2 top-ups in september, both from a debit card (bank account and revolut account have the same currency). Both times from my account was withdrawn an extra sum. I do mention that it was not a bank comission, the money was withdrawn as an entire sum (sum I requested top-up + an extra amount) by Revolut. Example: I requested topu-up of 737, from my account was withdrawn by Revolut 747,39. In the Revolut application I saw a 737 top-up.
I did contact the support, multiple times. From 05.09.2017 until now I didn’t receive any plausible answer, I also didn’t receive my money back. The answers remain the same: checking again my situation, sending mail to another team, no further assistance can be provided!
I do keep all the screenshots to support the issue, sent them multiple times to the support. Apparently it didn’t help.
I expect this to be solved in the near future, meaning in 2017 hopefully. And I will think twice before using revolut again.


Hey @laural :slight_smile:

:r: charges nothing and it always has charged nothing to top up with a debit card (I read yours is a debit card) Please consider credit cards have a 1% fee.

Have you got in touch with your bank regarding this?


The card is a debit card. And yes I got in touch with my bank - it is not their comission and they said the entire sum was withdrawn by Revolut (as it can be seen from the bank statements/screenshots sent to the support a few times).


Hi @Laural.

Thank you for contacting us.

Indeed your card is a debit card, however, if the charges appear on your bank statements means that they’re charges applied by your bank.

All charges/fees applied by Revolut are visible in the app, in your wallet.



I was the one who recommended Revolut to Laura and I was astonished by the lack of support in this particular case.
At first I also was inclined to blame the bank, or the card type, but things do not add up. Here’s the timeline of what happened (I was watching the whole story pretty closely):

  • I recommended Revolut to Laura;
  • she registered, with the main currency being RON;
  • she did a first top-up from a debit card (MasterCard brand) of 10 RON amount;
  • she didn’t check with the bank how much money were withdrawn from the account;
  • then she did another top-up, with the same card, of 737 RON;
  • after that she checked how much was withdrawn from her bank account: 1st case - 10.39 RON, 2nd case - 747,39 RON;
  • she contacted several times the bank, which stated that the merchant did take that amount, there’s no commission from the bank itself;
  • we considered the possibility for it to be a credit card, but 1% from 737 would be 7.37 + 737 = 744,37, and not the withdrawn sum of 747,39. Same for 10 RON, it would’ve been 10.10, not 10.39.

So normally I suggested to contact Revolut support, which she did. After about 2 weeks of waiting, they just “archived” the case without any explanation or resolution. This seems very unprofessional.

I personally have Revolut and used it multiple times and I didn’t had such problems, but this particular case seems to be pretty badly handled.

Any support in this issue is really welcomed. She can try and top-up again with a small amount, to prove this behaviour.


Hey @JaguarR and @Laural :slight_smile:

It has been discussed on this forum before of Romanian bank’s charging fees for this kind of transactions and not correctly representing them thereafter in the statements, while it was indeed a bank fee. I can’t find the post though. If I do find it, I will share it with you :wink:

May I know the bank name, to make the search easier? :slight_smile:


It is BRD Group Societe Generale.
I am adding the screenshots for one of the transactions. The one is with the top-up, the other is with the bank’s transaction - there you can see that all appears as an amount withdrawn by Revolut.


The second one…


Hey @Laural :slight_smile:

Please, check this


Hey there @Laural and @JaguaR :slight_smile:

I get the feeling that your bank recognizes the charge as a foreign POS operation and it charges a standard amount of 0.39 RON fee for the operation. On top of that, the second operation has a fee of 10 RON due to either amount of transactions or transaction amount :wink:

So, I would contact your bank. There’s a 99% chance it’s them :wink:


Looks like indeed there are multiple cases of this type and from multiple banks.
My bank is Banca Transilvania and with their Visa Electron, there are no fees for topping up.
Now there’s still a problem with Revolut Support, they should’ve stated clearly that the problem is 100% from the bank and not from Revolut, but they didn’t.
If they would’ve provided the explanation just like you did now, it would’ve been much better.


Hey @JaguaR :wink:

Guess this is mainly happening with Romanian bank’s :frowning:

However, does this sound like a plausible answer for now?
Are you going to check with the bank? :slight_smile:


Thank you! Finally an answer that will help me somehow to deal with this. Start from something.
Why couldn’t the support help me get to the bottom of this in three weeks?


Of course. Now I can go to them abd and start asking questions.
Thank you!


Hey @Laural :wink:

I’m not saying support is not to be criticised. In fact I’ve been recently doing it myself. :wink:

But, however, this is a problem of your bank and it’s not :r:'s duty to investigate it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is the fee that was charged (the fixed 10 RON part, I don’t know where the 0.39 comes from)


Thank you for the screenshot. I believe it will come in handy.

And I disagree with you. As long as you have a dissatisfied client who moreover has some screenshots that say otherwise than “it was not Revolut fault” you investigate and offer help and solutions. I worked enough time with clients to know that much.


Hey again, @Laural :smile:

I’m glad the screenshot was useful, you can find the fees here:

You’re free to, and that’s fine. But seriously, currently :r: support is quite slow. If they had to research in Romanian for every customer, it would be never ending :stuck_out_tongue: (but this is just my opinion)

Also, if you consider my last message was a solution, you could consider marking it as the answer to your post.

Have a great day :smile:



The math doesn’t add up here, for the 737 RON example:
737 * 0,015 = 11.055
so, it would be:
737 + 11.055 + 10 = 758.055
The sum withdrawn from the account was: 747.39
Thus, it must be something else …

The part with support, the problem was that support said that their technical team is looking, and then without any reasonable reply, they archived the ticket. Nothing was said with certainty, whilst the bank said with certainty that the merchant is the one who took the money. That is where the dissatisfaction comes from - they said they will look into it, and then without reply, closed the ticket … that’s like hanging up the phone in your face.
And on top of all of that, it took about 2 weeks … I’d be very dissatisfied too …


Hey @JaguaR :wink:

I am personally not going to discuss this matter any further. This has been allegedly applied by her bank and I think it makes no sense to speculate on the fees applied until she has got in touch with them :neutral_face:

It’s obvious that they’re applying a 0.39 RON fixed fee plus a 10 RON fee on bigger amounts. That’s it. Any further discussion should be made with a statement from the bank regarding this matter :wink:

@AndreasK just told you that Revolut did not charge fees. I guess the support team also did. The FAQs says so. The terms say so. The app itself says so. What other certainty do you need? :neutral_face:
Also, were you expecting :r: to clarify your own bank’s fee scheme?

That’s probably not true :frowning:

Unacceptable, agreed :confused:


I do agree that this is an issue with the bank now.

I just wanted to explain where the dissatisfaction comes from. I know all of the details, here’s what happened:

  • 1st thing she called the bank, asking if there are any fees applied, bank’s reply was - no;
  • she asked Revolut and added that she spoke already with the Bank;
  • the puzzling thing here was that, instead of telling her that there’s no way Revolut could’ve taken the fees, they said that a technical team will look into it. Normally anyone would presume that may be there’s a problem on Revolut’s side too. And the reply from technical team didn’t come back at all … just a closed ticket.