withdrawing using RevolutMastercard in Germany?


Hi all

anyone got any advice about which cash machines to use?

Im reading that Mastercard isnt well accepted in Germany & I noticed my wife’s card is a VISA revolut card (who isnt travelling with me!) whereas mine is Mastercard

I would like to take minimal currency before I go & withdraw from ATMs while I am out there, but dont know which are best machines to use to minimise any fees. I dont mind paying the revolut fee when I hit £200, its more I dont want to have to hand over my hard earned cash to the German banks!



Don’t worry. Almost all ATMs in Germany accept MC without any problems. Same with Visa. Sometimes an ATM operator limits the amount one could withdraw, but that is really an exception.

To avoid additional fees, just go with ATMs operated by regular banks.


And remember to avoid the Dynamic Currency Conversion, so choose “Euros” or “Decline” whenever the ATM asks you if you want to withdraw in pounds, euros, or show you some kind of conversion on screen.
That way you will always get the best rate from :r:


thanks guys - your responses were appreciated. Found a Mastercard ATM locator app on my android phone which works really well & states if its a fee free machine or not. And definitely wont get caught on the dynamic currency conversion - thats the beauty of having a Revolut card!



German ATMs or POS terminals usually do not try to trick you into DCC, most of the time it’s not even offered. Only sometimes in touristy places. Airport bistros, hotel bars … they will recognize your card as a UK issued card and might offer you GBP.