Withdrawing USD in the UK, from the Revolut $ balance

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with using an ATM in the UK to withdrawer . There are bank ATMs (like Raphaels) that allow you to take out USD, but I was wondering if I'd be charged twice? Eg would it be a conversion to £, and then a conversion to

Bit of an odd query but would be interested to see if anyone had any experience with this



Hi @jkeogh,

To be honest Im not really sure but what you could try to do and let us know is to convert your GBP to USD in the app and then try to get USD from the ATM.

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I’ve seen and used plenty of their EUR cash machines around London, but where do they have a USD one?

I’ve not seen one but their website says

“We also offer US dollar dispense at 2 key locations in London – Piccadilly Circus Station in the heart of Soho and Canary Wharf Station”

So I was going to try and nip down there and see if it worked. I was thinking it would also help with the $200 a month limit as I could take out another $200 before travelling

I know there are some MoneyCorp cash machines in Heathrow and Gatwick that allow withdrawals in EUR, and that will charge your card in EUR with no fee if you choose the right on-screen options. I believe (but never tried) that they offer USD as well. The reason the machine must offer the choice of charging your card in EUR as opposed to accepting the MoneyCorp exchange rate is because of MasterCard rules requiring ATMs to allow the client to choose between Dynamic Currency Conversion or charging card in the locally withdrawn currency.

You might also check out the Citibank cash machines in the St Paul’s branch (and a couple of other places), which are advertised as offering EUR and USD withdrawals. However, it’s possible that the facility is only for Citicard users. I’ve never tried it.

@jkeogh and @AndreasK I used the MoneyCorp ATM at Gatwick on the day of my flight out to USA to take out USD. I had already converted my GBP to USD on my account and worked perfectly fine. Nice crisp bills and money deducted from my account with no fees just like any other UK ATM. Just make sure you ALWAYS say no to their offer of doing the currency conversion as it’ll be a sh*te rate


Thanks @Macca
I was at Gatwick airport at the weekend and I was able to withdrawer $$$ and €€€ from the account without any fees, the money came straight off the correct balance.
As Macca says, you must choose NOT to convert the currency

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That’s good @jkeogh Good to hear my advice helped out another user :+1:

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ATM at Piccadilly Circus station works like a peach. So not just dependent on airports. Nice crisp new bills. Note that there are several at the station. The one near exit 2 also has USD (aside GBP).
Obviously do not use the convert option.

Note that the Citi branch near St Pauls is now CLOSED. Only remaining branch in Canary Wharf. Might be an option for USD but I have no experience with it.

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I tried using Citi’s ATM in Canary Wharf around 3 years ago to withdraw EUR from my EUR bank account, and it enforced dynamic currency conversion to GBP, even on a card issued in the Eurozone. I therefore did not proceed. This might have changed since then though.

I have tried to use the ATM in piccadilly (London) but it did not work. I dont know if the issue is with the card of the ATM itself…(I have tried USD)

I’m wondering if the Gatwick or LHR USD$ cash machines are still working with Revolut cards with USD balances. Would be ideal for me to get $500 out when I’m there.

(Landing in Gatwick, transfer to LHR and then on out…)

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