Withdrawing non UK currency from a UK bank or ATM

I have a Revolut HKD account, I would like to withdraw in HKD hard cash in the UK, is this possible?

Have you found an ATM which offers that?

If you have an HKD account in GB you can send from your Revolut account the money there, then withdraw it…

If there is an ATM which carries that currency it should be possible I’d assume. But is there?

Not found one in GB yet. I’ve changed GBP to HKD over the counter at Citibank in GB, and from an ATM in HK.

Oh, I understood your question differently then. A quick search didnt reveal much, so my guess is there are none or at least they are rather rare.

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Thanks :+1: for the response, would be nice feature to be able to get access to my cash in my Revolut :hong_kong: HKD account in GB, in preparation to travelling abroad.

That is nothing that Revolut has control over but is up to the banks.

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