withdrawing money back to my bank account


hi i topped up my account direct from my credit card and cant seem to find a way to withdraw it back out.do i have to do a bank transfer or is there an easier way? if someone could explain how to do this it would be great. i am using an ipad and the version of the app i think is 4.8.1



What “easier” way do you have in mind?

For a transfer, tap “payments”, then “Bank transfer”.


yeah i read something about a withdraw button but couldn’t find it. i have just used the transfer option entered sort code and account number, is this all that is needed and how long should it take as its siting at pending just now?



You can check FAQs for further details about this. :wink:


cheers bud i had a look and if i read correct could take few a hours or could take few days. im new to this so my questions might sound a bit stupid


It depends on how you transfer it.

From the FAQs:

Transfers to a UK bank account take a few hours if you have activated your personal GBP account. If not, your transfer should take 1-2 working days. International transfers take up to 5 working days.


its uk so should be 1-2 days, i have no idea if i have activated my personal account if i have even better.

cheers for your help frank


In more > Profile > account details in GBP you will be able to activate personal UK current account.


nice one that should answer all my questions


Your current account is active. Transfers to a UK bank account take a few hours if you have an activated personal GBP account