Withdrawing cash - help please.


Some clarification please:

I’ve extracted the following from the FAQ which appears contradictory. Does “withdraw” refer to drawing over a bank counter (ie, a source other than an ATM)?

“Using Revolut to send, spend, withdraw and exchange in a foreign currency is free for the first £5,000 / €6,000 / $6,000 (or equivalent) per calendar month.
ATM usage is free for up to £200”


@Grahamnbutler We mean withdrawing funds at an ATM terminal. The first 200GBP will be free per month, then there is a 2% fee, there is also the FX limit which is free up to the first 5,000GBP per month, then there is a 0.5% fee.


Ah. So drawing cash from a bank with the card would not count towards the £200 ATM allowance?


Yes, that’s correct, since you are not using an ATM terminal, this should post as a card transaction.


I am most grateful - thank you.


@larysa.stachowicz I would have to correct you here :slight_smile: Revolut does not support POS cash advances, i.e withdrawing cash at the bank counter by using the POS machine.


I can also confirm that cash advance (i.e withdrawing cash at bank counter) is NOT supported.


That’s right. But what about grocery stores?


No type of cash advance is supported (be it at the bank counter or grocery stores)


So its doesn’t matter where you trying to withdraw money on ATM or in bank from cashier you will be charged fee after limit exceeded which is 200 £ . Please be more clear in your answers as this is confusing us customers .

Thank you :grinning:


Can you see this past please?


Can you assist me please?