Withdrawals denied in Spain


tried in 4 different banks ( BBVA, Santader, Caixa , Unicaja) to withdraw some cash (€50 with available balance more than €200) and all transaction were denied.During the process everything looked ok (bank screen message to collect money) amount deducted from Revolut balance but in the end the transaction denied by the bank ( scree message). After approx 5/10 minutes amount returning to Revolut balance and no notification of denied transaction.
Can please someone confirm that managed to withdraw money without any issues or has an idea what could be the problem??? ( of course ATM withdrawals option is ok)

Hey @blacknusa :slight_smile:slight_smile:

I don’t have any insight on this particular problem but I’ve successfully withdrawn from all of those bank’s except Unicaja :wink:

hi @Juliopp

thanks for your quick reply.But you withdrew recently???i am trying 2 days in a row and same message.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey there @blacknusa :slight_smile:

Yes, I withdrew around 3 days ago in LiberBank, success… :frowning:
Avoid Santander and BBVA (high fees), by the way.

Did you ever try to withdraw or pay with the card before? Did it succeed? :slight_smile:

hi again @Juliopp

the card is working ok using POS payments…the probem consists in withdraw cash from any ATM…

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Hey @blacknusa :slight_smile:

I’ve never faced this problem :frowning:
Did you get in touch with the in-app support team regarding this?

You can reach them through the More tab in the :r: app and then click Support. Type live agent to get transferred to one :slight_smile:

hey @Juliopp

yes i tried with the support but wasn’t so helpful…i explained the problem and they came back advising to check the ATM withdrawal lock option…so tried here in case that i am not the only one…thanks for your help btw

Hey, make sure you have ATM feature enabled!

Hi @anon33247966 …as said the ATM option is ok…for some reason the banks denied to give the money despite the transactions were fully executed ( i’ve received a notification from Revolut app that the money got deducted and after 5/10 minutes the funds returned to my R account)

Was this today or on Friday?


Could you please confirm the exact date?

Hi @anon33247966,

i tried again yesterday 02/10/17 at Caixa8562 ( La Linea de la Concepcion) , amount 100euro and same result…i also kept a copy of the statement if you need to attach it here…

Hi @capital,

tried various days with the last attempt yesterday 02/10/17 at a Caixa bank…

I can take a closer look into your account and investigate what’s going on.

Are you able to reach me out via a DM.

Hi Andreas,

i am trying to send a DM but cant find the option…would be ok to send me first and can reply to that?

I will do that for you :slight_smile:

everything looks sorted… @anon33247966 is the best support ever…thanks :fu:

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Really? I have only been able to withdraw cash money with Ibercaja bank without any fee. The rest of them had to pay at least 2€ commission. So strange…

Hi guys!
I am currently experiencing the exact same issue in Spain, got a new card and withdrawals are consequently being declined.
Any tips or workarounds here?
Support said to ask the bank(s).

Have you checked the card settings? If ATM withdrawals are enabled then you have to contact :r: via in-app chat or social media (twitter/facebook).