Withdrawal that never happened

Hello everyone,

I just tried to withdraw cash from an atm in Rio and it got canceled twice. The issue is that those a mount appear on my révolut account, is there a way to cancel that?


If you look in the app you will see the transaction marked as ‘Pending’. Most likely this transaction will revert and the funds reappear in your account - around 7 days I believe is a likely timescale.

In the unlikely event this does not happen and the transaction status changes to ‘Completed’ you should contact support and request a chargeback to return your funds. There is no point contacting them unless/until the status shows as completed.

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Thanks for your reply. The withdrawals don’t show pending or completed, they just appears as a negative amount taken out of my card. Nothing seems to be done by révolut to reimburse it.

On a side note, a small amount has been been spent in the US, where I have never been.

What the attitude to adopt, beside blocking the card? Can I still transfer what’s left on an other account?

To check if the transaction is Pending or Completed…

In the app go to the relavant account…
then click on the transaction
At the top of the screen it will say either Completed or Pending

If you are sure that the transaction from the USA is not yours you should block the card and contact Support and tell them your card has been compromised.
They will arrange for a replacement.