Withdrawal shown on Revolut app but money was not given at ATM

Hi, my partner has a Revolut card like me. We are both currently in Ecuador. I withdraw fine from an ATM next to him at Banco Pichincha. However he received an error and no money, despite having enough funds. When he logged on to the app it shows the transaction as pending and the withdrawal as going through. He is now out of pocket!! What do we do? Can you help us?

Hello @Ounie :slight_smile:

After a long trip to Ecuador, I discovered many smaller card networks wouldn’t accept the card or would fail somewhere along the withdraw process. Only larger, “more international” ATM networks worked successfully with :r: or my classic bank card :frowning:
Given that you succeeded, it might just be a temporary glitch with the ATM…

However, that being said, the money usually returned to the account in a few minutes, three hours in the worst of the cases.

Hope it’s the same for you :wink:

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The maximum that a failed transaction should be pending for is 7 days.

To receive the funds, the acquirer (Starbucks’ bank) must first send the issuer (Revolut) a presentment to be processed by the card network before arriving at Revolut. This process can take place up to 7 days after the POS authorisation is accepted, although this can vary depending on many factors.

The waiting period of 7 days is a financial system/payments network thing, rather than an issuer-related (:r:) thing.

Once Revolut get their own network up and running, they will have full control and can expedite the refund process/do it automatically and instantaneously.

OK, thanks for all this information guys! So does that mean as he did not actually receive any money that it will be returned to the account? Do we have any guarantees this will happen or do we need to take it up with the bank? We therefore have to rely on the Ecuadorian bank letting Revolut know that the transaction did not work?

It has been around 7 hours since the transaction and it shows and withdrawn and pending…:grimacing:

Once the issuer has authorised the transaction, the purchase amount is blocked on the account and the transaction becomes ‘pending’, but the funds are not directly transferred to the merchant.

Under normal circumstances, given how the transaction was blocked but failed to complete, the block will be removed after 7 days.

It should be automatic.

However, there could be a chance that your counter-party could’ve double-dipped (In the sense that it didn’t give you money, but it also took money out of your account.). In which case, you would need to let :r: know if the money doesn’t reappear after 7 days.

Legacy financial system(s) take time. They batch up transactions and then net.

I had the same problem in Berln. Tried, without success, to get 100 euros from various ATMs. Had to fall back on trusty Nationwide Flexplus card (from a proper bank with decent customer service). Surprised to find that, despite not getting a cent from cash machines, Revolut had deducted two x 100 euros from my account. Support blamed the ‘card processor’ as if it wasn’t their fault. Money was refunded the next morning, but faith In a bank that refuses to accept responsibility took yet another knock. Card being cloned/hacked after USA trip is another story. Now, I’m trying to log into the app and it just crashes out whenever I input the code sent to my mobile phone. Argggghhhh!