Withdrawal not working



I’m in Dubai. So far my card had worked flawlessly.
This evening I wanted to get some cash out so I went to the atm within the hotel to get cash. I did top up my account, I verified my account and am still far from the £25k allowed.
It didn’t work. I went to the closest bank. I didn’t work either.
Few hours earlier I had paid in a restaurant and it worked.

Has anyone had the same issue?



Hi @Abdbaas,

What entry method did you use? Chip & PIN or Magnetic Stripe?


Chip I guess since I was asked for the pin. I worked with my wife’s revolut
card doing exactly the same thing. So it’s definitely the card.
I tried what the person from support told me to do ie uninstall and
reinstall the app. Made sure the mag strip was grey.
Didn’t work