Withdraw US dollars from my Revolut card in Belgium

I would like to withdraw US dollars from my Revolut account on a Belgian ATM. Will it work ? Will I have fees ?

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I think ATMs provide you with the local currency in cash, so a Belgian ATM would give you only Euros. :thinking: Is there any chance you’ll be visiting the States any time soon? :sweat_smile:

While the local currency is not supported as a base currency, meaning you can’t hold a balance, if you withdraw cash in Kirghizstan or make card payments, the money will be converted on the spot from your available balances. No need to bring money with you

Thank you but it doesn’t really help. I need to withdraw dollars before leaving, otherwise I will have fees for each withdrawal in K., moreover they are limited so… I’m still asking if someone knows if it is possible to withdraw US dollars from my Revolut account on a Belgian ATM. Will it work ? Will I have fees ?

You can withdraw money using your Revolut card from any ATM worldwide, as long as they support Visa or Mastercard. Revolut withdrawals are free for the first $200 / month and then there’s a 0.5% fee on the amount you withdraw.

To find out if you’re able to withdraw dollars from a specific ATM, you need to ask the ATM operator. The norm is that ATMs provide only the local currency in cash.


Honestly you’re not making much sense… Why would a Belgian ATM have dollar bills inside it? Of course you can’t do that.

I still don’t understand why you say you can’t withdraw money in Kirghizstan and what fees you’re worried about. Revolut will charge you no fees and will convert the money on the spot from your available balances. Also what are you trying to say by “limited”?


If you can find an ATM in Belgium that dispenses USD, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with Revolut cards. Concerning fees, the same rules as for all other ATM withdrawals apply: ATM operators can have additional fees, but that’s not up to Revolut. And avoid DCC.

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Obviously if you can find an ATM that dispenses USD, if it exists its probably at airports, it will charge a big DCC fee, probably 10%, so it will probably be cheaper to pay the ATM fee in Kazakhstan and withdraw there.

The reason people don’t answer your question directly is that what you’re proposing doesn’t make sense


Since you are so insistent with this question, why don’t you specify which ATM in Belgium you intend to use that dispenses USD?

In general, don’t try to use Revolut in any specialised ATM that dispenses anything other than the local currency, or you are likely to get in a huge mess with multiple conversions and losses.

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Why would you think Revolut’s forum is the best place to ask that question?

That is best to ask either a Belgian bank or some Belgian community related to finances.

If you find an ATM keeping USD though, be aware that it might go through a forced USD to EUR conversion by the provider and your account is eventually charged in EUR.

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IIRC there was a guy on here a while ago who had withdrawn euros from an ATM at a UK airport and had been charged an absolute fortune in fees due to a double currency conversion which he could not avoid.

Be careful :nerd_face:


Hence my last paragraph :wink:

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What she’s saying makes perfect sense. If the ATM can give you USD or any other currency, and you hold the currency in your revolut account, it will withdraw it from the USD or whatever chosen currency. Always ignore DCC. Choose to pay out in the currency you want it in.

In the US yes. Outside of the USD territory you are at the mercy of the ATM provider. In the case at hand, it easily could be that the amount gets converted to euro and then you are offered DCC to sterling or a regular euro withdrawal. In any case, you will be subject to their (most likely) unfavourable USD/EUR rate.

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With Alessandro on this one - it has happened before. I say again - beware :pray:

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Hello no it will not work :frowning: