Withdraw of crypto


I read that its possible to withdraw Bitcoin now (can’t find the link) but seems to be only in some places.
Does anyone know when it comes to Sweden?
Mostly interested in ETH and LTC withdraw actually. Does anyone have any more info on this front?

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You can only withdrawn to a bitcoin wallet, I believe there was another/some others added recently but the two you mention I’m not sure they are available.

Are you sure i can do that in Sweden?
I tried to ask support yesterday and the bot said its not available in my location…
I can’t find any withdraw in the app either.

btw have you tried it yourself? curious if its sent right away or if there is a delay?

I’m not fluent with crypto fully, I have some on Revolut but that’s it, so not tried to withdraw to BTC.

I don’t have a wallet to withdraw to, so can’t test it.

It is likely these are regional so you’ll need to wait until this becomes available to you.

I know i have to wait :slight_smile: question was if anyone knew more about the plans. Like will it come in the coming months, or next year. Just fishing for some more info.

By the way my tips for you is to get a ledger to store your crypto. That’s the whole point of crypto. You own your money! Once you go self custody you won’t go back.

Revolut offers the platform, you’re then free to move it to cold storage or digital bit wallet.