Withdraw funds from PayPal to Revolut

Hey Revolut Community,

Can you please let me know how you transfer funds from your PayPal to your Revolut card?

As far as I know you should link a local bank account (in my case Hungarian) to your PayPal and then you can proceed with the transfer.

In case I missed something and there is another way please share:)

You should be able to link any SEPA account. So simply add your local EUR account and you should be good to go.

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Since the official currency is Hungarian Forint in Hungary you won’t be able to withdraw EUR from the account. At the moment there is no direct way to withdraw from PayPal to your Revolut account. You should first transfer the money to your local bank account in Hungary then transfer it to Revolut.

Excellent point which I blatantly missed, my bad :confused: . Paypal doesnt offer the possibility to add EUR accounts (after all Hungary is part of SEPA)?

Unfortunately this is correct though it might be questionable since Hungary is an EU member but since we joined we only have the availability to withdrew money to a hungarian based account in HUF currency.

Paypal to Hungarian bank has a really bad conversion rate (USD -> HUF)
Is there ANY way for a Hungarian to withdraw USD from Paypal? I tried doing it with the help of Currencyfair and Transferwise, but they need a reference number included in the transaction and with Paypal you can’t do that.
Please, if you know ANY way to withdraw USD form Paypal, help me!