withdraw from ATM without card


Hello, would be great if we can withdraw cash from ATM only with the mobile phone. Maybe it is already possible in London? I am not sure.


Hello @sixth,

That would be really cool but I guess it requires us to be our own issuer and ATM provider.

If you have more information feel free to share it with us.


Andreas K.


I believe Diebold / Nixdorf showed a concept for withdrawing with an app. It is basically an online banking app where one enters the amount for a withdrawal within the app. The transfer is then approved with some sort of PIN or TAN or finger print. The app will show a QR code for scanning at the ATM. The ATM doesn’t do much more than scanning and spitting out the money. It is a good idea to speed things up because people do alle the key punching on their phones while waiting in line.

There are several fintechs around that already use this method for withdrawing money at grocery stores. Like a cash back service. Online banks without own ATMs consider this method to save ATM fees. It is also a clever method for deposits. Generate a code with your app, go to a grocery store and give them all your cash. It will be available on you acccount instantly.


Here we go.



And here:

If that isn’t ironic. The digitalization of cash.



Thanks. Seems promising. Hope revolut will seriously consider about it.


You can already do it actually. All you need is an ATM compatible with ApplePay.

Singapore has plenty of them, I’m sure you can find some in other countries too.


Thank you @Frank, will share it with the team.


In Poland we have this service “BLIK” http://www.polskistandardplatnosci.pl and halcash and BLIK


Blik is perfect to replace physical cards, but also I hope Android Pay via NFC can do the cash withdrawal, firstly I though revolut will works with Android Pay as cooperating “bank” that is releasing requirement to have physical card for payments at terminals, but that was my mistake.

I know this is circulating question, but are you really planning to convert virtual card into full HCE card compatible with NFC feature or join to Android Pay?


For my it will be nice to have a possibility to add Revolut card to google pay APK so i could to pay with my mobile phone and make ATM withdrawals. In Poland we have NFC ATMs

Revolut should have an option/ service to make cash withdrawals in pos ( in shop )