Withdraw cash from an ATM in Kiev (Ukraine)

Hello all!
I will be travelling to Kiev next month and I was wondering what is the best solution to get some cash of the local currency (UAH). I noticed that I can’t exchange euros to UAH from the revolut app. Can I still withdraw money from a Ukranian ATM with my revolut card??

Hey @Maikol :slight_smile:

Yes, you should be perfectly able


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Thanks, @Juliopp.
I got confused because I read this: “We provide all of our customers with the interbank exchange rate with exception to a few illiquid currencies such as Thai Baht, Russian Ruble, and Ukrainian Hryvnia. For these illiquid currencies, we’ll give you the best possible exchange rate that we can at the time of purchase” (https://www.revolut.com/gr/help/transactions/atm-withdrawals/exchange-rate-for-my-cash-withdrawal-is-wrong). Which actually means that (since Revolut can’t tell the exact exchange rate) it might be better to exchange cash in a local bank, in my opinion.

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Hey @Maikol :slight_smile:

From my experience, local banks and exchange offices in Poland, Czech Republic and some other countries consistently offered 10%-30% less money than :r: for those located in popular places and 3%-10% less for those which were less popular but offered better rates, so I’d doubt they can beat :r:.

However, you can check this easily! Either check it from the More tab of the app, from the Rates section, or go to any store that will accept cards for a low value, purchase anything cheap (say, bottle of water) and check the conversion rate. Then, come back and share your experience :wink:

Can’t argue with that! Hopefully, I will arrive in Kiev on a Friday morning, before markets close, so I will have the chance to do that. I will share my experience after, thanks!


Hey! Please, share your experience! Im traveling to Kiev few weeks later and want to be sure everything with Revolut goes well and also off course cheaper than banks (or not in this situation?). Thanks :slight_smile:
p.s. Just called my “regular” (“SEB Lithuania”) bank. ATM 2%+convert fee (convert fee for ATM bank) / pay by card 2.69%+convert fee

Hello, I will do that, I still haven’t travelled to Kiev, I will be there in the end of May. For what it’s worth, I have decided to withdraw local currency from a local bank with my Revolut card as soon as I land to the airport (there are banks located there).

My girlfriend is using Revolut card in Ukraine at the moment.

Although there’s no problem with paying by card in the local shops (no fees, good exchange rate), she can’t withdraw money from ATM’s. Privatbank ATM (the biggest Ukrainian bank) didn’t recognise the card at all, while Ukrsibbank notified about a 2 USD fee for each withdrawal. So, I’d recommend you to think about a backup solution.

Interesting that ATM did not recognise the card, i’m visiting Kiev in 2 weeks.

That’s interesting, and quite annoying, indeed! Wondering what @Revolut has to say about that ??

Well I can confirm that Revolut is not recognized when trying to get some cash from ATM.

Luckily N26 works without fail.