Witch Account can be used??


When I transfer money from my bank account
from Greece(EUR) to revolute, which account can be used from
top app / bank transfer ?? Local or Swift??
It is not clear to me.
When do I use my local account and when does it swift ??

Thanks Eugene

Both can be used. For the “local” SEPA EUR transfer, the fees for a national SEPA transfer apply (if your Greek bank charges you any at all).

The international SWIFT transfer takes longer and costs more.

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How longer dies it take for international transfers?
I transferred funds yesterday from my greek bank account to Revolut although accidentally i used the IBAN of the GBP account instead of Euros.

Oh no!

EUR sent to GBP IBAN take longer than usual. The money will most likely be converted to GBP by Revolut’s banking partner Lloyds before it will appear in your GBP wallet after a couple of days.