Wire Transfer has not reached my account.


Hi Revolut,

I have messed up something. I have a RON account at Revolut, and have topped it from my account with EUR.

The the bank Wirecard AG confirmed that they have received the money and my bank ING confirmed hat the money reached the bank. But they do not come up in my bank statement in revolut. Tech suppport told me to recall the transfer, which I have did, but Wirecard AG tells me now that the customer( revolut) is not answering queries.

what to do now?


Hi there. A recall can take up to 5 working days. When did they recall it?


I have recalled it on he 21th of december 2017. My bank told me that the destination bank wirecard AG was not able to conact Revolut and as such they are unable to proceed with the request.
So basically wirecard ag has the money in the account and revolut just needs to say ok, send them back.


Let’s get in touch via DM so we can sort this out for you.


what is DM, and please do not say in app chat since, that is totally not working out…


DM means Direct Message. Click on my profile -> Messages.