Wire transfer from the US to Revolut

My US bank requires IBAN number for wire transfer (USD to British pound)?

The revolut website has no information about the IBAN number. Even the SWIFT code (REVOUS31) is wrong.

Interesting. I wonder if I was to use JPMorgan Chase Bank CHASUS33 as my correspondent bank would the transfer go through? I need a US based correspondent bank to transfer from Fidelity.

Revolut support have not been much help to me as they can only provide UK based correspondent banks.
"Our correspondent bank details (BICs) are as follows:

  1. BARCGB22
  2. CHASGB2L"

I have a similar issue where Bank of America doesn’t let me send wire transfers to Revolut LT.

According to the Bank of America customer service, this is because of Dodd Franck limitations: if the sending bank can tell in advance how much fees will be collected in total, it can’t proceed to the wire. http://info.brinkercapital.com/rs/brinkercapital/images/Dodd-Frank.pdf

So it seems that Bank of America can’t know how much fees the receiving bank + possible intermediary/correspondent banks are charging. How could Revolut LT be sure to advertise these fees by the proper channels?

If just adding details about the correspondent bank is sufficient, like codio did in Wire transfer from the US to Revolut - #101 by codio, that’s great. But I don’t see anywhere in the Bank of America interface where I can set a correspondent bank details.

Anyone would have ideas?

Wow! Thank you for sharing! I tried it this morning. Had been waiting for months to make the transfer. I will share my experience.

Just received the transfer without any issues!

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I have a similar problem. Trying to wire USD from Charles Schwab to Revolut LTD (My account here is UK) and keep getting this error message from Schwab “This SWIFT/BIC is currently not available to receive USD wire transfers”. I checked via Revolut’s agent and they confirmed my BIC REVOGB21 and IBAN are correct and active. The only thing they said was to check Schwab had updated its SSI for Revolut. Any suggestions how I can make this transfer happen? I have read this whole thread seeing people struggling for over a year and no Revolut agent even bothering to offer help. Are people more successful with Transferwise? I have lost patience after hours of useless chat and waiting

At this point and unless Charles Schwab does not update Revolut’s SSI, the payment will keep failing. Not sure if you can contact them and ask them to update the SSI. My issue was similar…Bank of New York did not have Revolut’s updated SSI and therefore any transfers to Revolut were failing. Once we switched the payments via JP Morgan all was good. So it definitely has to do with your bank not having the correct SSI for Revolut

So your transfer worked from JP Morgan? Is this the same as Chase? And is yours a typical Chase account? What fee do they charge for the international transfer to Revolut? I should still have a Chase account so will see if I can transfer my funds to them.

My wages are wired directly via JP Morgan/Chase to Revolut. No fees involved and no issues so far.

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I have been transferring from Schwab to Revolut for years but this no longer works :frowning:

“This SWIFT/BIC is currently not available to receive USD wires.”

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Yes, I have the exactly the same problem. Schwab called me and explained that if the eight character in the SWIFT/BIC is “1”, the wire transfer won’t be executed in USD. There something special with that “1” indicating that the recipient is not active in the SWIFT network. I only found this reference from RBC indicating the same thing.

Major bummer to me, this has been one of the major reasons I started using Revolut and now I’m looking for other options. Customer care wasn’t able to assist with this issue at all.

Same issue here with Schwab-to-Revolut transfers. Revolut support suggested that I should use REVOGB2L as an alternative SWIFT/BIC, but that leads to the same error in Schwab. Revolut support said they receive USD wires from other banks, so I should discuss with Schwab instead.

One hour on hold with Schwab, the Schwab customer service rep suggested I should just transfer in another currency (no, thank you, I don’t want to give you the exchange markup, Chuck!). After I insisted, they said that I should be able to fill the PDF form (Service>Forms>International wire) to set up a standing order, send the through the secure inbox and then call them to execute the transfer in USD.
I am not eager to start this exciting journey, can anybody confirm whether it works well from personal experience?

I have exactly the same problem with the Schwab account. I have been sending wires for two years without any problems and suddenly cannot do it.

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So an update for my transfer from Fidelity which was successful :partying_face:. I updated my withdrawal preferences to set destination county to Lithuania, currency to USD and specified CHASUS33 as the SWIFT code under “Enter intermediary (or correspondent) bank details”. I entered my LT based IBAN, REVOLT21 as receiving bank SWIFT code and address for Revolut Payments UAB. About a week after submitting my updated withdrawal preferences Fidelity sent me an email asking me to contact them. I called and they approved my preferences. I’m guessing this was as I changed to a LT based bank from a Irish one.
I initiated a withdrawal on Monday (which was a public holiday in the US) which just arrived in my Revolut account today 3 days later. No fees were deducted for the transfer. Just posting in case it is helpful to anyone else.

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So I did a transfer from US to GB Revolut account and, though the transfer started almost two weeks ago, the money is still not showing in the Revolut account.

I contact costumer service, provide data for the transfer and they tell me that Revolut “does not support wire transfers”, and the transfer should bounce back to my US bank (it hasn’t). Then I ask what kind of transfers are supported, they answer that what it does not support is transferwise. Which I didn’t use nor mention in the conversation before…

Am I crazy? I did a normal transfer to the IBAN, BIC, etc of the Revolut App, as I always did and worked before. Are you people doing something different?