Wire transfer from the US to Revolut

I can also confirm a US to Lithuanian IBAN wire transfer is problematic. I tried it a week ago and on day 2 I got an email from the sender (from his bank) asking for a wire amendment with the note that an intermediary bank is needed and that my funds are held in the beneficiary bank and any recall must be initiated there! (that is Revolut). This is very odd considering that for the funds to held in Revolut it would mean the wire reached Revolut then if that was true I don’t see the point of asking for an intermediary bank. It is a contradiction.

After days going back and forth I managed to get the info that REVOGB2L should be sent to the sender along with a suggestion for them to update their SSI. I did exactly that. Now the sender says I should ask Revolut to check for the “amended” wire and “accept” it for it to go through!!! So far Revolut sees no transfer.

I am not in a position to know who is responsible but I was under the impression that such “communication” is conducted between banks via SWIFT and not by asking customer to be the intermediary who “translates” banking language and give instructions to the banks.

I consider my transfer lost. Lesson learned, no US transfers to LT IBANs until further notice. I was suspecting something is wrong since before the transfer, the sender attempted to send the funds using a payment link with his US-issued MasterCard. Well, it failed and I chose to ignore it as an isolated issue.

My transfer worked with CHASGB2L as intermediary.

Hi, glad to hear it worked for someone.

Did you use REVOGB2L or REVOGB21 as receiver’s swift code?

Did you use CHASGB2L for the 54A (Receiver’s correspondent) or 56A (Intermidiary Institution).

In case you used it for intermidiary institution, what did you enter for the correspondent bank, as it’s an Obligatory Field?

After reading the above replies, I think I am facing a different situation.

I would like to transfer from BoA to my Revolut USD account with IBAN (GB74…) and BIC (REVOGB21). I added the recipient as managed contacts and chose to transfer the funds as US Dollars. The transfer failed with the following message:

I have tried to send the funds as GBP and it works. Apparently transfer in US Dollars didn’t work for me.

Anyone has seen the issue before? Are there any solutions? Many thanks!

Apparently it seems that some US Banks when it comes to USD transfers to Revolut, they dont have the updated SSI of Revolut. And this is why the transfers are failing. Today i got part of my wages transfered to Revolut. Only difference with the rest transfers which failed, is that this time the originating bank was JP Morgan. Transfer was executed in one day.

Alejandro, I need to receive a USD transfer from the United States to my Revolut account. My personal address is in Italy, but sould I put Revolut as beneficiary?

if you get paid by a US company I would advice you getting a borderless with transferwise, so you get local US (ACH) details under your name instead of making them do an international payment (SWIFT).

Thanks! Ok, I’ll try a borderless with WireTransfer. But anyways, if they did the international transfer from the US to my Revolut account, the Beneficiary Country should be UK, or Italy?

Beneficiary country should be in line with the county code of the IBAN. That’s where the money is sent to, from a legal perspective.

Hello I hope this info would help someone:

I used REVOGB21 as receiver’s SWIFT and CHASGB2L as correspondent’s SWIFT for the USD transfer to the LT IBAN and it was successfully completed.

hi folks and happy new year to all!

Mid Dec. I tried using BARCUS33 as intermediary and REVOGB21 + GB IBAN, since Revolut said they will continue to do the transfers using old IBANs (this has previously worked fine, last in Sept.). This time the transfer was refused, money returned and I was charged 30$ fee!
Looking at the comments from last couple of months - how can CHASGB2L as an intermediary in the US, since it is not a US entity? I’ve tried it anyway and was of course rejected

So I guess, the question is - if we use REVOGB21 + LT IBAN, what is the US intermediary? BARCUS33 doesn’'t work anymore… (for transfers from an US entity to the LT IBAN) Thanks…

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I am trying to transfer some USD funds from HSBC US to Revolut in the UK. I tried to use CHAS2GBL as per the suggestions in this thread as the REVOGB21 was not working. When I entered CHAS2GBL there were several JP Morgan bank accounts that came up with various associated UK sort codes. Do you know which one needs to be selected for the wire to go through? Thanks!

Hi, any news? Did you try again? Thank you!


I am trying to send USD from Interactive Brokers (in the US) to my Revolut USD wallet, via wire transfer…
Tried with my GB IBAN (from the ‘details’ section of my Rev $ wallet) and REVOGB21 but this didnt work (said “specified bank cannot be used as correspondent”)
I also tried CHAS2GBL but that didnt work (“Invalid Routing Number”)

Has anyone managed to find out which details to input for this type of transaction?



Hi VelevB, that looks like the Fidelity NetBenefits portal, which I am also trying to transfer money out of. How did you get on with this?

Hi - sorry, haven’t tried to transfer since my last unsuccessful attempt.

Has anyone any update on this? I’m also looking for Intermediary Bank details for a SWIFT transfer from Fidelity to my LT Revolut account.

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Hey, when you add a wiring instructions to IB, it offers to use following details, have you tried it?

Correspondent Bank

Bank Name


Bank Address
LONDON, LONDON, United Kingdom

Hi guys,
I need to transfer the money (in dollars) from my USA Wells Fargo account to my Revolut LT account.
I have read this topic carefully, and it seems to me that the solution does not exist.
Did I get it right?
Can anyone confirm this?

Ok guys, great news!!! My transfer from Interactive brokers in USD dollars went well, sent in the morning, arrived same business day, no commissions charged.

Financial Institution
Financial Institution Name Revolut
Account Number at Financial Institution YOUR IBAN

Receiving Bank
Bank Name Revolut Payments UAB
Bank Address JOGALIOS STREET 9, VILNIUS, VILNIUS 01116, Lithuania

International Bank Account Number (IBAN) YOUR IBAN

Correspondent Bank
Bank Address LONDON, LONDON, United Kingdom

Payment went through JPMORGAN CHASE BANK:

Payment Requested

Payment in Transit

2021-06-11 14:18:00
The payment has been forwarded to the next bank in the payment chain. Further updates to follow as they become available.
USD 50.00·Fees: USD 0.00

2021-06-11 14:31:00
The payment has been routed to a bank that does not provide confirmation updates. No further updates will be available. Please contact the beneficiary bank for credit confirmation.
USD 50.00·Fees: USD 0.00