Wire transfer from the US to Revolut

The U.S. bank will sent it in Euros, I guess, as I have the option to select the amount in dollars that will be wired in Euros.

So the original currency is dollars? In that case I’d send it as dollars, as otherwise your bank will convert it and their rate might not be the most favourable one.

Simply activate the USD account in Revolut and send it to the listed details. Keep in mind you need to specify the BIC as SWIFT/BIC code and not the IBAN. The latter is probably what they refer to as account number. But you still need to specify the reference number.

Thanks! I will take a look at the form again and select “dollars” as the currency to wire transfer.

Then how will I use the Revolut dollars account in the Euro zone?

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You can either convert them straight to euros or keep them in dollars and have any euro charge automatically deducted from the USD balance. Only keep in mind during weekends there is a surcharge on top of the exchange rate.

Also, you do know there is most likely a SWIFT charge on that transfer, so probably less than the amount wired will arrive, right?

https://www.revolut.com/help has more on the exchange and currency topic.

send USD to the polled USD account but you are NOT the beneficiary of the polled account, it’s Revolut LTD. so also use revolut’s address. be sure to add the right reference number so revolut knows it was for you.

No, the Credit Union has a standard (and slower) wire transfer option that charges nothing for the service.

I do this all the time. The whole idea is to avoid high transfer rates. SO for sure wire in USD. I have put in every comment field I could my name and the reference number of your USD Revolut account. That works. However sometimes it does not and Revolut does not add the amount to my account. Then open the chat help and upload screenshots of your wire transfer and they will sort it out for you.

you are NOT the beneficiary of the USD transfer, it’s Revolut LTD. If you write the information correctly (Revolut as beneficiary, and your unique number as reference) it will be credited to your Revolut account without begging customer support for manual help.

i never said the beneficiary of the account. I do exactly as prescribed but from the last 10 usd transfers half of them arrive and half not. From my side exactly the same info provided. So then you need manual help indeed.

You said you put your name and address, that’s incorrect.

No did not say That. Look at the post.
I said ‘name and reference number’

It’s too hot today to argue, as long as you put Revolut LTD as name, revolut’s address and, your unique reference it will be ok.

There I completely agree

Hi Alessandro, I didn’t understand the above comment.
So once I have transfered from my US bank account, the money on my revolut USD accound, how to I convert it to euros ?

thanks !!

If you already have the money in your Revolut USD account, in order to convert that to EUR, you just need to open a EUR account inside Revolut (by tapping on the settings icon top right, and adding a EUR account) then perform an Exchange by tapping the pink icon top right of your USD balance.

but be sure to do the exchange on a weekday, UK timezone.

I want to transfer dollars from a US broker to my Revolut dollar account.
My banks asks me:
Enter intermediary bank details. They require a US intermediary. The Revolut SWIFT code is not accepted.
How should I progress?

BARCGB22 is the intermediary

Can you also do ACH transfers? Then transferwise (borderless account) would also be an option as their US local account is now in the user’s name.
If you then use the transferwise card to top up Revolut it should be completely fee-free

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