Will Revolut report to my company's tax institutions?


I have a question regarding the information security policies.

There is a huge hype in my country’s mass media about the new rules, by which, all our local banks have to report full info about client’s transactions if client’s yearly income is bigger than 15K euros.
And “people say” that out country’s tax collecting expect foreign banks to report too.
What are the policies in this regard?

For example, if i sell a hand-made bracelet on ebay for 100 euros and receive the money to Revolt - is it possible, that my country’s tax institution’s imps will receive info from Revolut and come knocking my door?

The question isn’t about any kind of laundering and financing of course.


Please someone Answer this thread as i am also interested!

Hi @konnor!
What you asking looks very like a try to evase the tax from selling and this is a crime in every land on the earth.
This means you will be a criminal and could be get punished for this someday.
And even if Revolut does not share financial data for every person, it could possibly be done by request from your country.

Correct me, if I am wrong. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Tolbxela,

Well, there is plenty of options not to waste money paying taxes. This though is a bit other case.

Imagine - i create the above meant bracelet for above meant 100 euros. Imagine that the profit for selling that bracelet is 50 euros.
The problem is that to legally sell this bracelet and pay proper taxes - i have to spend times more money than i earn and times more effort than i want.

Also - imagine - i create a website for my friend in Switzerland while sitting on a beach in Spain. Using the computer bought in US. And collaborating with workers from Australia. Why should my country’s legal entities even care about how much money i get for this job? In this case - paying tax would be some kind of punishment for being a citizen of this country.

But that’s philosophy, which is disputable.

The question is - is Revolut obliged to feed personal information to legal institutions of countries. And if yes - on what terms.

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I am also very interested in this topic…