Will revolut ever be able to use Apple Pay?


Hello guys,

Like all of you, I love Revolut but I have been wondering about something.

Correct me if I am wrong but Revolut is a part of loyds bank and Loyds bank is on Apple Pay list, so why Revolut is not on Apple Pay list.

My question is, Will Revolut ever permit Apple Pay?


Revolut is not part of Lloyds, never was. They use Llodys as a service provider for banking services. Cards are not issued by Lloyds.


They are working on it. But I guess we will see Google pay launched for all before Apple pay.


Soon. And I can see it around the corner.

Tips. New premium cards have another BIN which says is not eligible (with the others it says is not compatible )

So yes. It’s coming sooooon


Ive been able to add my Revolut card to google pay so think it already works? Cant wait for Apple pay to come soon!


Can’t wait for Apple Pay. Especially important when I travel, since it’s still linked to my Lloyds card and I have to pay international transactions charges.


Considering Revolut has a bank license now, it should be fairly soon.


bank license is irrelevant to AP