Will my account will regularly be blocked for security reasons?


while my account is being unblocked for the 1st time (locked for almost 3 hours now with 3500€ on it and an urgent transfer to be made to the landlord of the flat I need to pay the rent and deposit), I am wondering if:

  • my account will be verified once, or
  • is it likely to be blocked again in the future, or every time that I need to transfer money to another bank account?

I would like to use this account to pay my rent, but I cannot accept that it is blocked again.

Thank you and kind regards,


Hey @Fhuilier :slight_smile:

From my experience:
My account has never ever been blocked because I have always been proactive in verifying it (raising the limits before exceeding them, verifying before being asked, so on).

However, as long as they have your ID and you don’t exceed your limits and do a normal usage, there shouldn’t be a reason to be blocked. Anyway, :r: is pretty mysterious on how their algorithm works and will not elaborate on what are the criteria that’ll trigger the block, so unfortunately you’ll never know (that’s plain bad :frowning:)

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My experience of 12 months + usage is exactly the same as Juliopp above

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I’m a Revolut customer since 2015. My account was never blocked. But my use case is kind of limited. I transfer money into my Revolut account only from accounts in my name to the SEPA EUR account details. I have only one debit card linked for top ups. But I use the Revolut cards for payments on a daily basis and for the majority of online shopping.

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