Will i get a new card when my existing one expires?



I have been a revolut customer for a number of years. My current card (non-contactless ;( ) will expire in September 18. Can I expect to receive a new card when my existing one expires? I feel that the charge for an additional card is absolutely fair, but will I be expected to buy a new card just to continue to use the service?

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Dear @AndreasK can you please explain to us how expired card renewal is working?


Hey! Of course we will replace the expired cards. All you need to do is to contact our in-app support team.


Replace as in card and shipping is free of charge?


Are you saying that the customer needs to track the expiration date and has to ask you for a new card when it’s near expiration? As in: expired card replacement is not an automated process?


It’s explained in the T&Cs, card holder terms, when a card expires. Shipping fees are not mentioned there, so that is still not clear.


That is now even more confusing.

7.2 If you have used your card in the period of two weeks before its expiry date we will send you an email to inform you that we will automatically transfer the outstanding balance to a new card. You must tell us if you do not want your card to be renewed.

What balance on what card?

It still does not clarify if the new card and the shipping will be free.

Could it be the entire paragraph refers to the old payment system?


By balance I think they are talking about Pending transactions.


Paragraph 7.2 is surely outdated -we will automatically transfer the outsanding balance to a new card ? As of now, to my best knowledge, there is no up to date procedure on how cards nearing exipry date are dealt with. It is more of a “send me DM/contact in-app support team” discretionary way of issuing new cards. Unless, this is the existing procedure.:wink:


Presumably a renewed card and shipping should be free for current Premium customers. It’s unclear though whether it’s free for standard.

Also I’m confused whether the onus is on the customer to apply through customer support to have a renewed card. Seems counterintuitive to me. And doesn’t apply for any other cards I hold, it’s an automatic process.

Added to which customer support is a hit and miss event :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The only card I remember requiring such a procedure was PayPal Business Access Card.

In their case, using the card for any transaction in 6 months’ period proir to the expiry date was enough to ship a new card to your registered address. In case of the card being inactive in the mentioned period before the expiry date, they expected you to contact PayPal UK to request renewal.

They didn’t charge the fee for issuing the card, either. :pound: