Will card work if app is down

Hi all, i was wondering if anyone would be able to put mind at ease. i tried to top up Revolut card this morning but was unable to do so, as app was down. it was no big deal, but it did make me think. i am travelling from UK to USA in 4 weeks and wondered if app were experiencing difficulties (as does happen from time to time) would this effect me being able to use my card in USA or would card still work if app were down. many thanks in advance

AFAIAA the card will still work independent if the app.
However I personally would never travel with only one card option at my disposal, be it Revolut or any other card.

Thanks for the reply Tony, appreciate the information

Make sure that you disabled the location based security function. In case the app does not work, or there is no connection the card might be declined.
Just a guess - not sure if that might actually occur.