Wie errechnet sich der zur Verfügung stehende Betrag?

Da ich gerade in USA bin hab ich mal versucht meine Balance bei Revolut bei 2 verschiedenen Banken am gleichen Tag raus zu bekommen, was hoffentlich weder Revolut noch mir etwas kostet.

Die ÜBERRASCHUNG: Es ist weder der Betrag auf dem US-Dollar Konto bei Revolut, noch der Betrag in USD plus EUR und auch nicht der in USD plus EUR plus alle Hold Beträge…

Morgens waren es 5008, und Abends 5216,02

Wie ist das zu Verstehen?

Can you please make for us a translation of what you wrote above?

:grinning: Oh yeaaarr Shure… Sorry my Brain sometimes work American and sometimes German or even mixed…

Since I have been just Nov 2 in the US I have tried to get my balance at Revolut at 2 different banks on the same day (Balance Inquierie) which is hopefully neither Revolut nor me costs something.

The SURPRISE: It is neither the amount on the US dollar account at Revolut, nor the amount in USD plus EUR and also not in USD plus EUR plus all hold amounts …

In the morning it was 5008, and in the evening 5216.02

What is that supposed to mean?

It’s in English now but nothing is happening

It’s because I have no answers to give nor comments to do on that.

Ok… Soooooo… WHO - if NOT Revolut (!) could answer the question why at a foreign ATM MORE cash at a REVOLUT (not other!) Card is available as is on the Card in Reality…?

If the Numbers are right someone could Withdraw more money as he have… That maid be fine for a Real Credit Card - but that works with Revolut too? Would be Surprised on that as I not have seen anywhere a Priceshart with Interests for Overdrafts if not paid back inside of 31 days…

No, that is unlikely. Since cash withdrawals are online transaction, I don’t believe anyone would get more money out of an account than it holds. There is no overdraft allowance. Having said that, offline transactions could cause a negative balance (if a card is used with an imprinter). I have no idea how this would be handled by Revolut.

Maybe the ATM uses different exchange rates to show funds in USD that are held in USD, GBP and EUR in your account. This is what Revlut’s FAQ say:

The ATM will display a total of your GBP, USD and EUR balances in the local currency. For example, if you check your balance at an ATM in Thailand it will show a total of your three balances in Thai Baht!

Pending transactions reduce available funds in the app. I have no idea if they are factored in at an ATM, but my guess is they are.

Who checks funds at an ATM anyway. You’ve got a nice app for that :slight_smile: