Why was I charged ?


Top up to my Revolut card via transfer from my Nat West Account.
Transferred £500, £506.43 debited from my account.
Any ideas why this has happened ? Thought Top ups this way were free.


Have you checked pricelist in your bank?


Hey @Nevis :slight_smile:

As you can understand, the transfer is initiated by you. Free means :r: will not charge you for that, but your own bank might. Revolut had no control over the process at all, and it’s you, as @redi pointed, who should be aware of the pricing of your bank :wink:


There is no charge for UK bank to :r: transfers of GBP if you use the sort code and account number.


How about SWIFT and pooled account?


Yep, Nat West would have charged for Swift.


So probably this is the answer…


Ok I’ll check - thanks


Hmm could you please get in touch with our support team so we can take a closer look at what’s going on?