Why the age restriction of 18 years old?


You will probably find this interesting:

In the coming months, we’ll be launching our new kids app, and we want as much feedback as possible from parents and kids alike - everything from app designs, card designs and features.

And so we’d love to invite parents and their kids down to our office to hear all about the new kids app and share your honest feedback with us. We’ll provide loads od food, drinks and entertainment on the night!

Please note: this event is only for parents and their children.


@AndreasK - Wednesday 12th December is not the best timing, as it’s still term-time and my daughter needs to revise for end-of-term exams the following morning. As I live within walking distance of your offices, I will attend, but unfortunately without my daughter which is a shame as she has previously expressed strong interest in Revolut. I hope that Revolut will host a further similar event during school holidays, or perhaps a Friday evening, when children can attend more easily.


@AndreasK - the event date seems to have changed from Wednesday 12th December to Tuesday 11th December. The pass I have saved in Apple Wallet still shows Wednesday 12th, whereas the above link now shows Tuesday 11th. Please could you confirm the date.


Hey there!

Yeah that’s right. We had to change the date, so the event is tomorrow - 11/12!