Why stopped using Recolut


Hi there,

After being a big Revolut fan, promoting their services everywhere around me, I slowly stopped using their services. Was checking my history, and used it for more than 25,000€ just in the past 12 months.
Dont see the below as a complaint, but as a feedback to share why I barely use the card anymore:

  1. I mainly travel on week-ends (like most people do I assume), which is when I’m most likely to use card; only issue is the exchange rate on week-end is about the same as my daily credit cards (Visa Infinite and MasterCard Platinum) hence no real interest of using it on the go
  2. I mainly travel in south east-asia and merchands/banks dont like mastercard over there; most ATMs will charge 5usd for any withdrawal; hence it will always be cheaper for me to use a visa there, which revolut doesnt offer
  3. The only way not to have a fee while toping up is if you do it in gpd, eur or usd; i would have liked to be able to top up by banking transfer in sgd with revolut converting it into gbp at the market rate

That said, I love Revolut. Fantastic job building this start-up. I’ll closely monitor the new features and will come back when the product is right for me.

Take care,



Can you name the countries/regions you’ve run into this specifically? Thanks.


For ATM: Cambodia is the main one but also some parts of Malaysia and Indonesia.
For merchant payment, same as above plus have regular issues in vietnam and thailand. Had merchands charging me up to +2% because i was using mastercard