Why so many blocked accounts?


There seem to be a lot of ‘my account is blocked’ messages.

Am I alone in wondering if the system is a little over sensitive? I’m reluctant to put much money into my revolut account if I’m likely to have it arbitrarily blocked.


Hey @DaveTMG :slight_smile:

:r: is subject to all kinds of regulations, including laundering prevention ones. Just like a traditional bank wouldn’t be so convinced if you just opened an account with them (without an ID) and then went to Seoul to spend all the money you have in the account, Revolut can’t allow that :wink:

Therefore, users are asked in the FAQs to fully verify their identity and use their cards before they travel, but many users say, due to :r:'s nature, “hey look, a cheap travel card” and don’t even bother reading anything :open_book:

Don’t let this discourage you: all of these people never come back to say “yeah, my problem was solved, great!”. But I’m sure they’ve all got their money back :moneybag::wink:

As long as you keep your ID verified and follow your common sense, nothing bad should happen :smile:
However, if you’re not trusting :r:, keep a spare card with you just in case


Except it does happen way too often regardless of verification.


I can only talk about my personal experience. I verified my ID when I signed up and never ever have I been blocked. I don’t know about the rest of the users, @Povilas, but based on AndreasK’s (let’s not mention him once again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) responses to their posts, most of them seemed to be blocked for those reasons :confused:


Some users were blocked because for example they were sending money to other Revolut users or user as revout says “too many times” even though no daily, monthly or yearly limits were reached. Terms of use haven’t been broken yet people were blocked. Getting your account unblocked is in itself an exercise in patients.

I said this many times i can repeat it one more time. This service is to play with not for real use. It is unreliable and it will go bonkers on you when you least expect.


That’s what I’m concerned about - if the trigger for blocking is arbitrary and unpublished, then how do I know if my usage will result in me losing access to my money?

I love the idea of being able to keep a balance in a few currencies, but at the moment I don’t.


Hi Polivas.

That’s not the case :slight_smile: Users cannot get locked that easy!

We take account security very seriously and have set rules in place in terms of the funds entering the account and usage in general. We always advice our users to verify their accounts and confirm the cards used for top up :slight_smile:


but not everyone remember about security… On :r: twitter profile somebody share card number with expiation date…