Why Revolut app is not developped?


I’ve been a customer for a year and to be hones I’m surprised about the lack of progress Revolut is showing (despite its claimed to be a fintech).

  • no webapp: arguing against a webapp is like arguing against gravity. EVERY other banks have a web interface and its simply just neccessary.
  • Saved bank account numbers cant be aliased so if I need to transfer funds to different accounts of the same person then I really need to know which IBAN belongs to which account (*)
  • Honestly the mobile app looks crap. Pretty much every other banks/fintechs have a LOT better application (eg: check out N26). The Revolut app looks like an app somebody sketched up in 5 minutes.
  • Virtual card number can’t be copied and its really hard to read (*)
  • Despite the numerous promisses eastern EU currencies cant be used to top up a Revolut account leaving tens of thousands of customers roadside
  • No option to put money into a safe subaccount
  • buggy mobile app. Eg on android the currency chart was dropping an error for about 6 months! (I mean for F sake… 6 months!!!)

There are some new features introduced in the past 12 months but honestly nothing groundbreaking, the user experience and the functions are basically exactly the same as they were a year ago.

I’m really wondering whats going on with Revolut and when the customers voice will be heard.

(*) = I’m a programmer myself and these features can be programmed in a very little time


I do agree.
There are many great ideas in the suggestion section and my impression is that Revolut’s side is not present here anymore

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+1 from my side as well.

Not to forget, there are a lot of other small changes which would increase the user satisfaction substantially.

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At least we can get rid of graph thing now (at least on android), but dark mode still missing. Eh…

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we got 3D previews of the cards now in v5.45! why aren’t you happy? * end of sarcasm *


Ngl I don’t really resonate with many of those points. N26 has a nice app but the current beta of Revolut is much better looking imo (if they got rid of merchant logos in favour of generic icons instead)

What would be nice if they focused on improving their offerings (metal and premium) like removing the excess fees for claiming, so i dont feel robbed and ill while I’m abroad.

But l’ll reply to your points anyways and we can get some constructive conversation going:

  1. yes i agree we need a webapp
  2. you mean like having a person’s name and then linking IBAN/a small description to the name? I like the idea but i wouldn’t say it’s necessary.
  3. most subjective thing on the planet, most people i know love the look of the app and the only thing they want from it is slight tweaks and a dark theme. If you don’t like it, how about you go use N26 instead :slight_smile:
  4. i agree
  5. i would like local details for these and revolut to entirely remove top-ups considering how much they cost revolut. Id rather they use that money to improve their services
  6. vaults exist, they stop access to the money.
  7. yeah every app has some bugs, remember it’s revolut’s partner that manages the currency chart information that is displayed. We never actually found out who’s error the side was on.

I’m actually going to disagree with you here.

We got more currencies (BGN, MXN, RUB etc) and local account details for Polish and Norwegian residents.

We actually got local pooled details for Swiss Residents too.

Currently Norwegians pay 275NOK minimum a year for their bank accounts simply to have a card, so any of them swapping to Revolut now have an extra 26€ or so a year! That and if they actually spend or buy foreign currencies, they’re saving even more.

Hopefully they’ll continue adding to local details of accounts.

We also got Mastercards rule change, which forbids DCC on prepaid multi-currency cards like Revolut.

Surely if you’re a programmer (with any experience in the workplace) you should also be aware each business has it’s own structure. As in, it triages things by importance and then designs the new look for whatever it’s implementing. Then there’s some scrutiny to make sure it’s worth it.

It’s simple to write perhaps, but the process to make sure you get a quality product adds a large amount of time.


There are going to be news with next week’s RevRally


Everybody I have talked to say N26 looks way better. This does not invalidate that you like Revolut more. It depends on the person. Although I think most users would like the UX of N26 more. And not just that. I have accounts in several countries and practically all mobile apps feel better.

This is again fighting against gravity. If you have a friend/partner who has 5 different accounts and depending on the situation you need to transfer money to one account or to another how an earth do you know which one you should use out of the five?

This a really poor argument… but yeah, actually I do use other banks way more often. Revolut really shines when currency conversion is needed but other than this I dont see it offers anything what others dont.

There are gazillion ways to download currency charts but even if there is this only one option… it is concerning that Revolut were unable to fix this problem for 6+ months. Even removing it would have been a better option than displaying an “error occurred” window for the users.

Yeap, I’m a full time programmer and the two points I marked with * are VERY easy to implement. There are no scrutiny involved with these two at all.


I prefer Revolut’s simple more generic look over N26. But you’re right, Revolut is not a beautiful interface. Attention to detail is lost with localization, and there’s a lack of consistency. In direct comparison, Bunq would probably my top of the list, followed by Monzo. Uphold has some nice details (the transfer menu overlay animation is just amazing). And some of the icons for the Klarna app are just great.


I was thinking that you are joking as there was no such feature, but then this morning v.5.45.1 came out and announced exactly that. :hushed:


Most useless feature? :clap::clap::clap:
The credit card information on my grey premium mastercard in the app is still hard to read.


3D previews of cards? A long awaited feature. I guess Revolut simply puts the right effort to the right priority…


I would love to see a screenshot of that 3D preview.


It’s only for new orders of cards, my existing ones are as always. Our did I miss something?


All you can do is spinning it


Thanks. I see. I find it noteworthy that also the flow for ordering a card seems to have changed. More like a configurator now.

That doesn’t have to be related at all, but the account for kids is supposed to come with a options to personalize cards. Maybe they were developing the module for this purpose.


Actually, I tied this in to their promise to let us choose the card issuer.

Much better flow since you can pick the type colour etc very easily instead of scrolling through a bunch of cards until you find the correct issuer


I assume you mean brand, like MC, Visa, Maestro, and not issuer?


I meant processor I guess


Everyone I’ve talked to finds Revolut better on Android at least, iOS seems to be both good as each other.

Your countries must be really good at providing a banking experience then I guess, I couldn’t get a better one in the UK if I tried.

In the UK people typically have 1 account with a bank and stick with that for their entire lives.

I’m in the minority that have like 5+ accounts

They might also have a savings :slight_smile: