Why only US stocks?

Why can’t we trade in London stock market stocks. Is it coming anytime soon?


Hello Pagemakers, They are adding more stocks slowly, on the last Trading Update they did add 150 stocks so a total of 450 stocks in the platform.
Hopefully they will be adding UK stocks and ETFs in the future.


I’ve noticed that they are also missing quite a few stocks. At the moment Time Warner is one of them.


Hopefully soon more stocks will be added!

If you add from different indexes, could it be really nice to sort the stocks by index so it would be easy to look at the index that is of interest.

Also, any plans on adding the danish index OMX C20?


Hello all,

I also think that a lot of companies are missing even from the us market.
Any news about this?

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A stock I have invested in heavily through the Revolut App has been removed. I can no longer invest in the stock (CDEV) or search for it on the Revolut platform. The stock itself is still listed and actually received a compliance notice last Monday. My shares are still visible but I can no longer purchase additional shares. Can anyone explain why this may be?

will cdev deleted from Revolut app ?

I also hope they’ll add some more stocks.
In particular, I would like to be able to invest into some european stocks.

I’m currently using other services to assess the value of the stocks before investing, but I’m finding that often the companies I would like to invest to are not on Revolut, which is quite annoying.

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Would be also nice to add some low priced share, what will probably has a great future, so we can buy before it’s going to overpriced


I would add to the request:

  • UK stocks
  • European stocks
  • ARK ETFs
  • Other US ETFs

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The US stocks are the most popular, so it makes sense.