Why my account is under automated verification.


Why u guys still holding my 2 k euros. Still I’ve told you everything that u wanted and now u r giving me an excuse that our automated system blocked your account .
I politely asking for my money . Even in center nobody reply .
Sorry but I’m really upset with your service .


Have you typed live agent?


Hey Antonimedina

As redi said to go support and the chat. Type “live agent” to get a hold of a customer representative. They will probably ask you to verify where you have the funds from. This is a regulative requirement since Revolut currently holds an e-money license.

If you haven’t done it already then verify your account. There is information about this in the faq https://www.revolut.com/dk/faq#my-account-is-blocked-what-should-i-do


I’m in the same boat and feel your pain: Verified customer (for several weeks), money now held pending further verification, but no feedback and no way to shift funds back.

Understand regs and checks need to be made, but this is really bad form to keep people hanging with no follow up. Sort this out Revolut, setting aside resources for these issues is more important than profits, high volune’ line doesn’t wash.

One initially happy disgruntled customer!


Looking at alternatives


I’ve already provided couple details to them .
And then card I’ve used they are asking me now , I’ve already cancelled cause I’ve lost it . And I have no statement for that , but I’ve only topup once with that , and I’ve topup with my another card and still holding the money . Why it’s my money .
I want that back and close the account . I don’t need anymore .


We will probably get our money back, eventually, but would you trust them going forward after these worrying experiences? They don’t care. Think I’ll stick with the bricks & mortar banks!


No hell no , I’ve already asked my money, that I don’t care how ur system works. I’m closing my account give me my money back .


I’m not doing again and again sorry but I’ve coporated alot with you guys . And I’ve type alot live agent , as I told you give me my money and I’ll close the revolut account . I’m sorry to say but I’m not happy neither my friend will be .
I don’t need your bank account or card . I just need the money that I’ve in revolut back ? That’s it .


This is how u guys work ?


I do not work for revolut.


My mistake , apologize . But these revolut people needs to know . That they still have my money .


Did you have our account verified? What was your annualy top up limit? Did they block your account even if you did not surpass those limits? Seems strange.


Hi there. Thank you for your patience. I’ve escalated this issue to the relevant team which is better suited to help you with your request. Please note a member of the team will contact you via in-app chat shortly.


I really don’t wanna continue with revolut but just give me my money back that I’ve in revult app . and then u can close. I’m not in my home country and travelling for while and I’ve got no other card except revolut.
ive understood you a lot but now u have to understand me.
And if their is not much u can do then I’m a editor in French newspaper I’ll make sure that people read all these things that I’ve suffered . then I’m gonna write a lot things about you revolut that how it works theres no system.
thanks and I want this done as soon as possible .


Sorry to say but when , nobody reply my msgs back . This how you do guys .


Your account has been flagged for review by our automated security system. Your account is currently under review and you will contacted once a resolution has been reached.

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