Why is VISA exclusive to standard cards?



As a premium user in Norway, why is that only the standard card can be a VISA? Ideally I’d like to have premium VISA as there are plenty of places in Norway that only accepts VISA. Unfortunately, premium cards are only available as MasterCards.

I know I technically could order the standard card, but prefer the design of the premium card.


You’re lucky you can even get standard VISA cards. I’m stuck with bloody MasterCard on standard AND premium.


This is also the main reason I don’t order a premium card. Would love to, I love the designs, but I don’t trust anything but Visa.


I hope that :r: will come with Premium Visa cards too.


Hey BendikHa

I think that it is because some Cards are issued by Revolut and some are issued by their original card partner.


What’s wrong with MasterCard?


It’s the worst card out of VISA and Maestro in terms of POS acceptance around the world.


In Europe it is not a problem(if you also have a Maestro with you), but outside it depends on the country but VISA is common.


Where have you had problems because I have never had one with my MasterCard.

Have never had a problem with MasterCard in either USA (multiple states). Phillipines, Thailand, Malaysia, Doha, Dubai, everywhere i have been in europe.


I’ve had issues in Norway with places that only accept VISA


Interesting. Can i ask what kind of store it was or if it was a small city etc?


In Norway I would say it’s rather common for small stores not to accept MasterCard. In my opinion, this might be due to the fact that debit cards are often issued as VISA and credit cards as MasterCard. Credit Cards are more expensive to accept, therefore they only accept VISA. In my case it was a small burger joint close to where I live, where I go regularly.


MC is still the worst out of Maestro and VISA.

The countries/towns you have listed, VISA and Maestro are also accepted in those places.

Have you been to South Korea? China? Hong Kong? (Norway?) That’s where MC doesn’t shine and you need a VISA.

Been to Netherlands or Germany? You need a Maestro.

And let’s not forget, Maestro is superior to MC as Maestro can be used anywhere that accepts MC. (except a small portion of ATMs may not take Maestro) Can’t be said vice versa.


That’s odd, my Maestro wasn’t accepted in Canada, at the airport in Luton, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia. VISA was always accepted. I’ve never tried MasterCard – one of the reasons I’m not a getting a premium card, I’m afraid it won’t be as widely accepted as VISA.


But I was comparing with the countries that the @henrikbjorn mentioned. I don’t know about the countries you mentioned.

However the countries you listed, if Maestro doesn’t work there so would MC.

Luton Airport though, are you sure? MC/Maestro should be accepted everywhere in the UK. Although maybe they don’t accept prepaid cards.


I think it was a prepaid, it was my friend’s card, I was using a VISA. I stopped using Maestro after going to Canada. I usually travel a lot to countries where Maestro is not supported so maybe I’ll stay away from MasterCard. Hopefully, :r: starts issuing premium VISA cards soon.


I hope Revolut starts issuing standard VISAs and Maestro cards (well, in the UK).

MasterCard is awesome in countries where it works, but it’s a real bummer when you see its sister Maestro accepted but not the big boy MC. WTH.

Besides I have too many MCs. I have only 1 VISA and that’s from Barclays. No way I’m using that abroad.


Yeah, I would probably avoid using it abroad! I remember being charged €5 for withdrawing €10 in Kosovo, and they use € as well. I still didn’t know about :r:, unfortunately.


At the moment you cannot choose between VISA and MasterCard, however you will be given the choice to choose between them in the near future. :slight_smile:


Maestro is not accepted anywhere mastercard is accepted outside europe, sometimes in the US or canada the merchant also signs up to accept maestro, but I have to tell it is very rare for that and the only place I saw that accepted it was walmart, which is not exactly the place a tourist normally goes to. As for using it in ATMs although it should work fine in atms that support cirrus some don’t see a maestro as a valid card.
I am not aware of any place I have travelled that I couldn’t use mastercard but I do not know about scandinavian countries