Why is support chat so slow?


it’s super frustrating that support chat is so slow in acknowledging a chat… Revolut is supposed to be competing with banks who provide instant support (or at worst you have to wait a phew minutes in the phone)


Same problem for me, I’ve been trying to get hold of them for over 24h. I managed to talk to someone at the beginning, then they supposedly transferred me to an other service which didn’t message me until night time so I didn’t see their message and they closed the chat. I sent 4 more messages since this morning and still no answer.
I’m just starting with Revolut and it’s very disappointing, especially when they sell you 24/7 live chat access with the premium version


It’s been over 24 hrs since I heard anything from them. I have been waiting for over 4 days for a response for a cancelled transfer and the amount is pretty high too. Very fustrating and worrying. This is very unacceptable.


For actual support you need to find a better provider.