Why is Revolut so poor at handling fraudulent transactions?

Just before Christmas, I lost my Revolut card (although it could have been stolen) on a weekend abroad. By the time I realised the card had gone, my funds had been drained. In particular, there were four large transactions made (although 9 attempts in total) in the space of five minutes.

I submitted a recharge form but the response I received was less than helpful. I was told that the transactions were made through an ATM and therefore Revolut policy dictated there was no way of returning my money to me. However, considering the transactions were 569.15 euros, 574.72 euros, 114.76 euros and 229.49 euros respectively, I find this hard to believe as it’s impossible to take these amounts from an ATM. I was also told I needed a police report but by the time I realised the money had gone, I was already in the departure lounge of the airport on the way home.

In the past, I have experienced a similar situation, but as it was with my “proper” bank they immediately returned the lost funds to me. I only use my Revolut when I travel but I’m seriously starting to doubt its value if it’s so ineffective at dealing with issues like this - something which unfortunately is quite prevalent with people travelling and on holiday.

Finally, the customer support has been really hard work too. The idea of having someone on hand at the other end of the app is good in theory but I’ve ended up having to go through a number of different people, starting from scratch each time. I also doubt they’ve all been completely clued up as to how to deal with this sort of situation.

I have posted this as a last resort and I hope there’s someone out there that can offer me up some guidance as to how best to proceed with this.

Many thanks

How they were able to withdraw the money without PIN?