Why is Revolut sharing my info with Facebook?

I was looking at my Off Facebook Activity and noticed Revolut is in the list.


This should not happen since I deactivated months ago the flag “advertisement platforms and social media” in the app.

Revolut should clarify this.


5th of December would be about 2 months ago…

I deactivated the option the same day I received it in the app :slightly_smiling_face:

First days of november.

There was a second update of the app with those topics. (If I remember correctly) I was puzzled as well. I think it was together with the option to opt-out off the “Friends” funcionality.

I received one mail on 5.11. and a second one on 2.12.

Doesn’t matter when @DeXeD disabled info sharing. What matters that he has an issue which needs to be sorted out.

If Revolut’s approach is not compliant to GDPR then it needs to be addressed.

I propose to get in touch with Revolut and raise it as a concern. You can request the deletion of your private data in places where you don’t want to have it seen.

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It does. If he had disabled it the day after data was shared then there was no potential data sharing issue

However if he wishes to revoke it then it needs to be deleted.

Also I don’t believe in sharing private data by default. There should be a direct given consent. Otherwise it’s against the spirit of GDPR.

That isn’t how things work. You can request deletion of your data but that needs to be done explicitly by contacting Revolut stating what data you want them to cease processing

That and they’re likely to tell you to go to Facebook and tell them, since the data is in their hands now, not Revolut’s

Revolut’s is simply a “don’t continue sharing my information” toggle.

Private data doesn’t exist in GDPR. It’s called “personal data” and means anything that can be used to identify you, an individual person.

It has to be explicit consent and has to be clearly presented. You have to opt in. I don’t believe Revolut is compliant with the regulation, in all honesty.

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It’s called privacy by design/privacy by default. Some of that. Just what you’re saying: the user needs to opt-in. Checkboxes need to be unchecked, YOU need to check them.

Many many companies are not compliant. Cookies e.g. are often send without consent.Vague T&C and Privacy Policy make it possible that they share data etc. However, it’s getting better since they started to sentence companies that violate the GDPR.

“Delete,” however, is used a lot. Often companies just have to block data from being used and keep record of the opt-out. As we all know, Facebook doesn’t even know who is using the data and how. There is a diffusion somehow. Also, in case of :r: it might even be the case that a change of CRM systems opted users in that opted out before. Data management in marketing is a mess.

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