Why is no one answering help it’s been 3 days


3 days ago I went on to help chat to ask about my increase in limits. I was told weeks ago this was now sorted. My limits were not sorted now it won’t let me make a payment I need to make.

I went on to help and was anaswrred within an hour someone saying they would look into it and get back to me, since then I keep asking but no one answers me.

I click on the support team members photo and it tells me how fast their response time is etc which I’m struggling to understand, how can someone’s response time be in the seconds when I’m left hanging for three days?

I have a bill to pay that will be late and there is literally no other way for me to pay



I have the same issue. Nobody seems to answer on chat. I upgraded to Premium thinking I will have better support but it’s not the case. How can I request my money back for premium ?


I finally got somewhere and they have increased my Klimt from 25k to 30k which to me is silly. I’m going to go past that in a month

This has nothing to do with money laundering laws whatsoever, either they want people using the service or they don’t

When I first joined I told everyone how great it was now I need to tell those people how shit the service is

The excuse is that there is a long queue of people wanting increases in limits - really? A multi billion pound company and no one saw this coming? Ridiculous!

Why is every chat operator under the age of 30? Maybe it’s cheaper to employ them


Top-up limits have to do with anti-money laundering.

Additional verification (source of funds) is required for larger amounts, to prevent illicit money from entering the global financial system.


Yes so the story goes, it’s simething that gets said time and again yet it doesn’t stop the ‘underworld’ moving it around, all it stops is ordinary people.

This verification is a nonsense. I don’t verify myself at my bank every few minths, I verify once and that’s it.

What pissed me off was being told only a month ago I didn’t need to do anything and then when I’m trying to send money to pay a bill I can’t because I need to verify again for the third time.

Either verification is verification, or it isn’t. Your right either they want people using the service or they don’t.

Leaving me literally watching my phone for three days was outrageous.

Am I the only one to notice all the help staff are kids, where are the adults?


Have same issue here. Need Limit increase ASAP. Got a payment/top up delayed for few days now with no clear message saying was hitting top up limit. Need the limit raised urgently. No one answering the damned support chat!


I’m in the same boat. It wouldn’t be so bad if support was responsive, but it isn’t. I’m on the verge of moving to TransferWise and just swallowing the fees. Wish i hadn’t paid for premium annually.


There you have it. Revolut has an e-money license, not a banking license. Different regulation applies. The top up limit will be lifted once Revolut got their banking license which they have applied for.